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2023 began with controversy for the British royal family, the same one that spent its first Christmas and New Year without the queen’s company Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who died on September 8, 2022 at age 96. While waiting for the coronation of King Carlos III, his son Henry of Sussex He not only shook the world with his statements with his wife Meghan for the Netflix documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’but that his book of deaths spare it is most explosive. Since mag We leave you the most shocking revelations that are known so far.

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For the first time, the also known as Prince Harry told everything he had not said until now, not only about his relationship with the American actress and how they dealt with the harassment of the press and his future decision to leave his official duties in royalty. to go live in the United States, but the most hidden details about his private life.

‘Spare’ (‘In the shade’) It’s the duke’s explosive memoir Henry of Sussex of 557 pages. Its official launch is scheduled for January 10 with the publisher Penguin Random House, but the advances obtained by the media are already causing a stir not only in the United Kingdom, but throughout the world where the life of the royal family, especially that of the 38-year-old prince, fifth in line to the throne.

Harry’s most shocking revelations

Since the fights with his brother William of Wales who qualifies as “arch enemy”what he thinks about the queen consort Camila, his drug use in adolescence, among other topics are among the revelations.

1. How did you find out about your mother’s death?

The princess Diana of Wales he died in a tragic car accident on August 31, 1997 in Paris when he was together with Dodi al Fayed.

She says that she spent the happy summer next to her mother and her brother Guillermo, whom she calls Willie. He then returned to Balmoral until one day his father sat next to him on the bed and after saying “dear son” told him about the accident and his death.

“My father did not hug me. He was not very good at expressing his emotions under normal circumstances (…) It is true that he once again put his hand on my knee and told me: Everything will be fine ”counted.

She thought that nothing had happened to her mother and that she would call at any moment. From the age of 12 to 20, he was convinced that Diana of Wales had gone into hiding of her own free will to lead a happier life.

2. His brother is his “archenemy”

In an interview on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ co-host Michael Strahan read a quote from ‘Spare’: “There is a quote in this book where you refer to your brother as your ‘beloved brother and archenemy.’ Strong words. What did you mean by that?”

“There has always been this competition between us, strangely. I think he really plays or always plays with the “heir and the spare” mechanic.answered.

Henry of Sussex and William of Wales.  (Photo: AFP)

Henry of Sussex and William of Wales. (Photo: AFP)

3. Guillermo’s physical aggression

In the book, Harry also accused his brother of physically assaulting him during an argument about his wife, Meghan Marklein 2019. According to what he recounts, after arriving at Nottingham Cottage he called her “difficult”, “rude” and “abrasive”.

“He left the water, called me by another name, and then came to me. It all happened so fast. Very fast. She grabbed me by the neck, broke my necklace and threw me to the ground. I landed in the dog bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting me. I stood there for a moment, stunned, then stood up and told him to come out.”. According to the Guardian article, William later returned “looking remorseful” and apologized.

4. Carlos jokes about his fatherhood

Henry of Sussex writes that after her birth, Prince Charles told Diana: “Marvelous! Now that you have given me an heir and a spare, my job is done.” In addition, he joked about his paternity.

“Dad liked to tell stories, and this was one of the best in his repertoire. He always ended up philosophizing… Who knows if I’m really the Prince of Wales? Who knows if I’m your real father? He laughed and laughed, though it was a very unfunny joke, given the rumor going around at the time that my real father was one of Mom’s former lovers: James Hewitt. One cause of this rumor was Hewitt’s unrecognizable red hair color, but another cause was sadism.”.

4. Loss of her virginity

Prince Harry describes the moment as “a humiliating episode”, according to Sky News. In his memoir “Spare” he notes that he went with “an old lady”what “He loved horses very much.”

“One of my mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a busy pub (…) No doubt someone saw us”says the excerpt reported by the UK media outlet.

5. What she thought of Camila from the UK

Regarding his vision of the future queen consort Camila, Harry indicates that “begged” his father, now King Carlos III, not to marry and that he feared it was a “evil stepmother” and rated it as “The other woman”according to the Mail Online and The Sun media.

6. Drug use in adolescence

Prince Harry admitted his cocaine use at the age of 17. “Of course I had been doing cocaine at the time. At someone’s house, during a hunting weekend, they offered me a ray, and since then I had consumed a little more ”, reported Sky News.

“It wasn’t much fun, and it didn’t make me feel particularly happy like everyone else seemed to, but it made me feel different, and that was my main goal. To feel. To be different”, he wrote, according to the outlet. “I was a 17-year-old boy willing to try almost anything that would upset the established order (…). At least, that’s what he was trying to convince me of.

Neither Buckingham Palace nor Kensington Palace have so far commented on the claims contained in the book.  (Photo: AFP)

Neither Buckingham Palace nor Kensington Palace have so far commented on the claims contained in the book. (Photo: AFP)

7. Killed while serving in Afghanistan

The prince served twice in Afghanistan as part of the British Army, once between 2007 and 2008 and again between 2012 and 2013. According to The Telegraph report, he killed 25 people as he viewed the targets as “chess pieces” rather than of people.

“I made it a point, from day one, never to go to bed wondering if I had done the right thing…if I had shot at Taliban and only Taliban, with no civilians in the immediate vicinity. I wanted to go back to the UK with all my limbs, but more than that I wanted to go home with a clear conscience.”he wrote in his memoirs.

8. The Nazi Costume

He had already confessed it in ‘Harry & Meghan’ when he said that the decision to wear a Nazi uniform to a Halloween party in 2005 was ‘probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life’; however, in his book he adds that his brother William and his wife Catherine of Wales encouraged him to do so. “I called Willy and Kate on the phone, I asked them what they thought (…) They both insisted. Worse than Willy’s set of tights. Much more ridiculous. Which, again, was the point.”.

9. Princes of Wales were fans of ‘Suits’

before marrying Henry of Sussex, Meghan Markle He was one of the stars of the series ‘Suits’ and had the then Dukes of Cambridge as his fans. “Their jaws dropped” when he revealed the identity of his new girlfriend and “they turned to each other. Then Willy turned to me and said, ‘Fuck off’.” wrote.

“All this time I had thought that Willy and Kate would not welcome Meg into the family, but now I had to worry about her being hounded for an autograph,” she added.

10. William’s warning about Meghan

Elsewhere in the book, Harry reveals that his brother told him that “slow down” with Megan. “She is an American actress after all, Harold.”he supposedly said, using his nickname, well “anything could happen”.

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