10 things to know about Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president behind the murderous offensive against Ukraine, arouses controversy, passions, hatred… and curiosity. In his wake, we find his companion (unofficial), Alina Kabaeva. Who is she ?

At 38, Alina Kabaeva is a well-known personality in Russia. Rhythmic Gymnastics Superstara real Elasti-girl, the young woman has been fueling all the fantasies for a few years. In question: his idyll with the president of the government and the federation of Russia, Vladimir Putin, 69 years old.

Alina Kabaeava, the Russian gymnast was born in Uzbekistan

The former rhythmic gymnastics star is certainly Russian, but she was born in Uzbekistan, then the Soviet Socialist Republic. The young woman therefore sees the dayr on May 12, 1983 in Tashkent, capital of this Central Asian country integrated into the USSR bloc. From a family of athletes -his father is a professional footballer, his mother is a basketball player-, she took her first steps as a gymnast at the age of 3. A passion that never leaves her, despite the criticisms she received very early on…

Alina Kabaeava, too fat to become gymnastics champion

Because Alina does not correspond to the “criteria” of a sporty little girl of the 1990s. Not really in the Slavic sylphic norm. “Too big”, his weight weighs in the balance, his trainers if they transmit the love of their sport to him do not believe in his potential. Unlike his parents who encourage him to change coaches. After multiple round trips between Tashkent and Kazakhstan, little Alina and her family fly to Moscow, where she will see her career take off. But not without sacrifice: on the spot, Alina, then 12 years old, will meet her coach, Irina Vener. A talented but very strict woman, who agrees to train Alina on the condition that she lose weight.

Alina Kabaeva, her drastic diet in Moscow: “I will press you to get the fat out”

Epicurean, little Alina has a good fork. Habits that his new coach will put an end to, in a brutal and drastic way, as reported The Guardian. As soon as he arrives in Moscow, Irina will grant him only water on his first three days of training. Irina told me: “If you don’t slim down, I will squeeze you to squeeze the fat out of your body with my own hands”, confided Alina. I was so hungry, I begged her for food. I was going crazy thinking about my grandmother’s pancakes.”

Alina Kabaeva, Russia’s most decorated gymnast

A strict diet, a recovery, a determined coach, the planets are aligned to propel Alina Kabaeva to the top of Russian rhythmic gymnastics, but also World. At 15, she won her first gold medal at the European Championships in Porto. The first of a great series, since Alina will become the most decorated gymnast in her rhythmic and sports category: two Olympic medals, 14 in the World Championship, and 21 in the European Championships.

Alina Kabaeva, the most flexible woman in Russia

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her, confided Irina Verder. The young girl has the rare combination of two crucial qualities in rhythmic gymnastics: flexibility and agility.” No one was wrong, especially not his coach. Because behind her rigidity, Irina knows the potential of her rough diamond. Alina Kabaeva is a talent, a true champion, cut out for success. She was even nicknamed “most flexible woman” from Russia. Physical qualities that have fueled many allusions to his compatriots.

Alina Kabaeva made charming photos

Because Alina Kabaeva, little darling of Russia, behind which all hearts are set ablaze during each of her competitions, is a true icon. Far from the dictates reserved for athletes, Alina assumes her femininity even in the pages of Russian magazines, and does not hesitate to pose in undress. In a transparent blouse and suggestive slit skirt, or wrapped in fur, Alina plays with her image as a sex symbol. Even though she then clarified: “I come from Tashkent. I am careful with what I show of my body. I took very nice pictures, but I always kept my clothes.” No way for the ex-sportswoman to slip into vulgarity …

She’s the star of a hip hop song

Floor gymnastics champion, Alina sees her peers, over the years, take a close interest in her love life. After his sports career, the young woman has political ambitions: in 2001, she joined Vladimir Putin as a member of the Supreme Council of his United Russia party. In 2007, she was elected deputy to the State Duma, then vice-president of the Youth Commission. So many roles that seem to bring her closer to the Russian leader, and feed the idea of ​​an idyll between the two protagonists. The Russian hip hop group Sindikat even wrote a song for her, soberly called “Alina.”

Vladimir Putin, father and divorcee

Strange preferential treatment… After having lived nearly thirty years with Lioudmilla Chkrebneva, the mother of his eldest daughters – Maria Vorontsova born in 1985, and Katerina Poutina born in 1986 -, Putin divorced in 2013, leaving the field open to his story with Alina. Even if the two parties will never formalize their relationshipthe ex-gymnast now lives in Switzerland, in a preserved place, where the President would regularly go. Rumors even say that the lovers would have married in secret and would have founded a family…

Alina Kabaeva would live in Switzerland and have “hidden children with Putin”

Fantasy or reality? Many stories circulate about the number of children Kabaeva and Putin would have had together. Two, or four, the couple would have had twins, then two other children, the last of which was born in 2015. That same year, Putin disappeared for a week, fueling rumors about his state of health. The head of state is fine, but he would have gone to Switzerland, as relayed then the Parisian. to visit his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva. The young woman would have given birth in Lugano, in a VIP clinic, where the couple would have reserved several suites. Obviously, this information was immediately denied by the Kremlin, and by the person concerned himself. The cult of secrecy to the end for the former member of the KGB. Decidedly his best apparatus.

Alina Kabaeva soon to be sent back to Russia? A petition calls for his departure

Since the war in Ukraine initiated by Russia, the Swiss have left their legendary neutrality to stand up with the rest of Europe against these attacks. A position that could well oblige Alina Kabaeva to leave her little corner of Swiss greenery. Indeed, many petitions demand the departure from Switzerland of the former star of the practicable. On the site change.org, a petition questions the fate of the 38-year-old young woman and asks that she leave the country. To date, it has collected more than 72,000 signatures out of the 75,000 required. Alina Kabaeva, soon to return to Russia?

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