100 people who move us in 2023

After the war and high prices in 2022, Austrians wish for normality.

There is no question that Europe, and with it Austria, went from bad to worse last year. If 2021 was the second year of the corona pandemic with four lockdowns, Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Since then, nothing has been the same: most EU countries are providing military support to Ukraine, and Austria has sent tons of aid. On the other hand, Austria supports the EU sanctions against Putin’s Russia – which has led to an unprecedented wave of price increases in the energy sector. After 10 months of war, Europe longs for peace.

In any case, AUSTRIA lists 100 people who could move the country in 2023, and who also spread hope. The young ESA substitute astronaut Carmen Possnig, for example, could soon fly into space. Or Vincent Kriechmayr or… but read for yourself!


Johanna Mikl-Leitner, governor. Most powerful ÖVP politician. Difficult choice to beat at home in Lower Austria.

Karl Nehammer, Chancellor. Under pressure internally after a year of concessions to the Greens.

Herbert Kickl, FPÖ leader. Poll winner with a problem: no one wants to coalition with him.

Pamela Rendi-Wagner, SP boss. Wants to be chancellor candidate, but Dosko has something against it.

Marlene Svazek, FP boss SBG. Busy right Salzburg woman about to jump over the 20%.

Gerhard Karner, Minister of the Interior. Has been struggling with the high asylum numbers for months.

Peter Kaiser, Governor. Carinthia votes in March – it is its most important choice.

Hans Peter Doskozil, Governor. Firmly convinced to be a better candidate than Rendi.

Magnus Brunner, Finance Minister. Did the Incredible: Out of the Cold Progression.

Andreas Babeler, City Manager. Red pillar saint – when are we going into federal politics?


Hartwig Loeger, VIG. The ex-finance minister becomes general manager at the leading insurance group.

Mark Mateschitz, Red Bull. Inherited the empire from his father. He is now the richest Austrian.

Attila Dogudan, Do & Co. Catering success at the soccer World Cup. Now partner of Qatar Airways.

Horst Leitner, Hofer. Strongly expand the food giant in the new year.

Willi Cernko, Erste Group. The head of the banking group is working on new successes.

Klemens Haselsteiner, Strabag. Son of Hans Peter Haselsteiner, becomes the new CEO.

Petra Draxl, AMS. Moves up to the board of the labor market service.

Andreas Mattha, ÖBB. Celebrate 100 years of ÖBB with the state railway in summer.

Johann Strobl, RBI. Topbanker is planning big things with Raiffeisen Bank International.

Edith Hlawati, ÖBAG. Lawyer leads Austria’s state holding company into the new year.


Marie Kreutzer. The director can expect an Oscar nomination for the Sisi film “Corsage” on January 24th.

Anna Netrebko. After the political turmoil, the opera diva returns to the State Opera from January 14 with “Aida”.

Valerie Pacner. The new paramour plays a double role at festivals. Also death.

Christoph Waltz. Our Oscar star will start the Amazon series “The Consulant” in autumn.

Bogdan Roscic. The head of the State Opera is also planning many surprises for 2023.

Klaus Maria Brandauer. After a break, there’s a comeback for the 80th birthday at the Burgtheater.

Birgit Minichmayr. Burgtheater-Mimin starts the new season with a benefit reading.

Andre Heller. “Joke” about Basquiat frames brought him investigations.

Michael Niavarani. KabarettLiebling is leading its “Theater im Park” into its third year of success.

Gottfried Helnwein. Art giant celebrates its 75th birthday on October 8th.


Vincent Kriechmayr. The speed ace is our hope for victory in Kitzbühel and at the World Ski Championships.

David Alaba. The real star should lead our national team to the European Championship for the third time in a row.

Eva Pinkelnig. The high-flyer wants to clear both the World Cup and the Nordic World Championships in Planica.

Dominic Thiem. The tennis ace is on his way back to the top of the world.

Lisa Hauser. The biathlon beauty is one of the absolute gold hopes at the World Cup.

Rowby John Rodriguez. The young star wants to annoy the elite at the Austrian Darts Open.

Madeleine Egle. The Tyrolean is the toboggan figurehead in the World Cup and at the World Championships.

Lukas Weisshaidinger. The discus thrower goes hunting for gold at the World Athletics Championships.

Felix Aubock. Can our best swimmer finally win the medal?

Sofia Polcanova. Our table tennis ace wants to defend her title at the European Championships.


Carmen Possnig, astronaut. 34-year-old doctor became ESA Reserve Astronaut against 22,500 others.

Anton Zeilinger, physicist. At first they laughed at “Mr. Beam”, he is now honored with a Nobel Prize.

Florian Krammer, virologist. World-renowned vaccine expert – unfortunately works in New York.

Reinhard Steurer, climate researcher. Castigates Austria’s policy as “sham climate protection”.

Gabriel Felbermayr, Wifo boss. Economist put together an electricity price brake for the government.

Heinz Faßmann, head of the OeAW. From the government bank directly to the science academy.

Katharina Reich, Gecko boss. Managed the corona pandemic for three Green Ministers.

Walter Boltz, energy expert. Advises Minister Gewessler on filling gas storage facilities.

Gerald Knaus, migration expert. Wrote the asylum agreement between the EU and Turkey.

Gerhard Mangott, Russia expert. Nobody can explain Putin like the Innsbruck professor.

TV & Music

Melissa Naschenweng. With the hit CD “Glück” on a big “Bergbauern Tour”. For the first time also in the town hall.

Andy Knoll. Mr. Songcontest will also moderate “Dancing Stars” from March. With Mirjam Weichselbraun.

Falcon. On the 25th anniversary of his death, there will be an anniversary CD “Individual Detention” and the tribute concert at Nova Rock.

Andrew Gabalier. On tour with “Dirndl-Wahnsinn-Hulapalu”. To Belgium.

Anya Pichler. Top star of the new suburban women follow-up series “Biester” on ORF.

Parov Stelar. Electroswing star is top act at the “Butterfly Dance” festival in Eisenstadt.

Nina Horowitz. Coupled from summer with a new series of “love stories”.

Pizza & snacks. On tour with Comedian Rhasody. In addition, the first film: “Pulled Pork”.

Voodoo Jurgens. Austropop-Strizzi is top favorite at the “Amadeus Awards” with a new CD.

Thomas Stipsits. Cabaret artist will also be showing his new film “Greece” in the fall.


Richard Lugner. Busy master builder wants to stir up the opera ball even at the age of 90.

Birgit Reitbauer. Toque restaurateur will make the Opera Ball shine in the ball committee.

Leona King. The classic lady will also set the tone in 2023 and promote young talent.

Martina Reuter. ORF styling expert will hit the ground running with “Dancing Stars”.

Sonja Klima. The charming animal lover will reposition Gut Aiderbichl.

Sabine Wiedenhofer. The Austro artist is already causing a sensation internationally.

Victoria Swarovski. In addition to TV moderation, she is launching her own beauty line.

Ferdinand Habsburg. Not only cuts a fine figure when running, but also on the society floor.

Maria Hauser. Revives the legendary “Weißwurstparty” after Corona.

Andrea Schlager. Top informed in the sport and the woman at the side of Fernando Alonso.


Hannahtulnik. The Styrian already has over 400k followers. She scores with authenticity.

Stephanie Davis. Austria’s leading fitness influencer has over 1.5 million fans.

Gerald Grossz. Blogger and political enfant terrible already has over 500,000 fans on his accounts.

dr. bohl. TikTok comedy from Vienna should conquer domestic stages in 2023.

Justin_gym. Star role “Crazy Joe” achieved cult status at the end of 2022.

Lisamarie_schiffner. Austro social media queen launches digital project in January.

toxic_fries. The trained lawyer will tour in 2023 with the first cabaret program.

sunshine.catering95. Rich Kid parodies from Vienna ensure mega reach.

Maximilian Werner. Journalistic young talent conquers Ländle & federal capital.

Maximilian.mateo. Bird of paradise from Vienna following in the footsteps of Twenty4Tim.


Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Ukraine’s President believes in victory over the Russian army. He wants to take back the whole country.

Wladimir Putin. Mass murderer. He wants to achieve his war aim under all circumstances. But the enemies are increasing.

Xi Jinping. Is China again contaminating the whole world with Corona? Zero Covid policy has failed.

Christine Lagarde. head of the EU central bank.

Giorgia Meloni. Italy’s Prime Minister.

Recep Erdogan. Will Turkey’s President be voted out?

Elon Musk. Fateful year for the richest man in the world.

Joe Biden. Good results in the midterms. Will the trend continue in 2023?

Rishi Sunak. Britain’s new prime minister must unite party and country.

Ron DeSantis. Florida governor, Republican and toughest Trump competitor.

Valeriy Zaluzhnyy. Ukraine’s army chief directs all operations against the Russian army.

Kim Yo Jong. The “sweet” little sister of the North Korean dictator as a woman of power.

Sanna Marin. Finnish Prime Minister. It has the longest border with Russia.

Roberta Metsola. The head of the EU Parliament cracked down on the bribery scandal.

Greta Thunberg. Fridays for Future, 2023 will be the environmental activist’s comeback year.

Pope Francis. Despite failing health, he has to lead the world church.

Alexy Navalny. Russian opposition figure in custody, Putin’s fiercest opponent.

Hillary Clinton. Will the ex-foreign minister make a comeback in the 2024 election?

Robert Habeck. According to “Politico” the real German chancellor. More popular than Scholz.

Benjamin Netanyahu. Formed the most righteous government of all time in Israel. does she burst