15 celebrities who will turn 50 this 2023

Like countless others around the globe, many stars will reach their fifth decade of life in this 2023. Among them, there are several that seem to have the secret of eternal youth.

And it is that, little by little to climb to the fifth floor in this world, they look much younger than expected and they show us that age is really nothing more than a number.

The celebrities who will reach 50 in this 2023

For this reason, we present to you 15 celebrities who will turn 50 in 2023. For sure, you will be surprised to read the names of several celebrities who do not look like them.

Galilee Montijo

The famous Mexican host will turn 50 years old looking better and more fabulous than ever next June 5, 2023. Surely, you will celebrate with a sensational style.

David Zepeda

The soap opera heartthrob is one of the stars on this list who has no plans to grow old, as he has a very youthful face and body. he will be next September 19th get to the fifth floor.

Gabriela spanic

The protagonist of successful melodramas will say goodbye to the 40 at the end of this year. And it is that she will be the December 10, 2023 may he finally welcome the fifth decade of his life.

jamie camil

The hero of melodramas like The most beautiful ugly Y For her I’m eva will celebrate the arrival at 50 years of age during the summer of 2023, specifically, next July 22.

James Marden

Single and more handsome than ever, the famous American interpreter of films like Haunted will celebrate his fiftieth birthday 18th of September of the current year.

Pharrell Williams

the singer of Happy He is one of the celebrities for whom time does not pass. However, although not apparent, the producer will celebrate his 50th birthday on April 5, 2023.

Tyra banks

The famous supermodel and driver will still enjoy her 49 years for several months. And it is that she will not be until on December 4, 2023 May he turn 50 looking, of course, sensational.

Heidi klum

The German supermodel is part of the group of celebrities who do not age and will turn 50 years old. In her case, she will be on June 1, 2023 to make its fiftieth revolution around the sun.

Adrien Brody

The movie star The pianist He will be joining the 50-year-old celebrity club very soon. And it is that the anniversary of his birth is April 14thso he only has months left with 49.

Kate Beckinsale

The unforgettable Selene of the film saga Underworld will blow out the 50th candle of her life when she celebrates her birthday next July 26, 2023.

Jim Parsons

the luminary was born a March 24 so he is a few months away from turning 50 years old. The actor will be the first of the protagonists of The Big Bang Theory to reach this age.

mario lopez

The famous actor and presenter of Mexican descent is another of the celebrities who will be 50 years old. In his case, he will do it with an enviable physique October 10th of this year.

andrew lincoln

The attractive protagonist of the series the walking dead will reach 50 years of age September 14, 2023 embracing the changes in his physique that have come with the passage of time.

Neve Campbell

The protagonist of the film series scream will reach the fifth floor on October 3, 2023; without a doubt, a surprising fact for the audience that saw her grow up in the horror saga slasher.

Lena Headey

Like Campbell, the famous British actress behind Cersei Lannister in the hit series game of Thrones will celebrate its 50th birthday next October 3, 2023.