15 years later, Ray J reveals his truth about the sex tape shot with Kim Kardashian

After 15 years of silence, singer Ray J has spoken out about the sex tape that he had toured with Kim Kardashian and which made his family famous. The former companion of the reality TV star then denounces a set-up.

In 2007, Kim Kardashian became famous thanks to the cassette of a sex tape tour with his companion at the time Ray J. While the star of the Kardashian clan meets glory, his former companion, he undergoes a veritable descent into hell, accused of having broadcast the video. 15 years later, the singer speaks in an article in the DailyMail to tell his version of the facts.

This interview takes place after Ray J discovered the episode of the series The Kardashians, broadcast on Hulu, in which the famous tape was at the center of the plot. Kim mentions in particular the fact that there could be other documents, including a video showing the singer in the process of “putting on a sex toy in my ass”. Outraged by these revelations, Ray J decided it was time for him to speak out: “I have been in the shadows for over 14 years, allowing the Kardashians to use my name, abuse my name , to earn billions of dollars for a decade and a half talking about a subject that I never really talked about”.

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A setup

If Ray J is accused of leaking this video himself, the version of the story he is supporting is somewhat different. “I have never divulged any sex tape of my life. There has never been a leak. There has always been an agreement and a partnership between Kris Jenner, Kim and I, and we have always been partners since the beginning of this story. This partnership was originally one of his ideas. The singer explains to DailyMail that he suggested Kim release the video, after seeing Paris Hilton’s notoriety soar when she shot a sex tape with Rick Solomon.

According to Ray J, the idea would have pleased his girlfriend who would have asked Kris Jenner to organize the release of the film via Vivid Entertainment. The contract signed by the singer and Kim mentioned three videos but only one will be released. According to Ray J, it would be the mother of North, Chicago, Psalm and Saint who would have kept the tapes. “I never had one in my house – she had them in her house. She always had all the tapes in a Nike shoebox under her bed,” explains her former companion. According to the DailyMailRay J would have tried to contact Kim after the episode of The Kardashiansbut the two protagonists would not have succeeded in finding common ground.

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