“155 days without…”: Stéphane Plaza celebrates a personal victory

Tuesday, December 27, 2022, Stéphane Plaza celebrated a personal victory. The real estate agent has been unable for 155 days, more than five months.

It was party time for Stéphane Plaza, but in moderation. Tuesday, December 27, 2022, the real estate agent has indeed celebrated a personal victory: that of not having drunk for 155 days, or more than five months. It was via his Instagram account that he announced the happy news. “155 days without alcohol, 57 days without red bull” he confided in story before specifying that he had however made some deviations by drinking two glasses of wine.

During the holidays, Stéphane Plaza is proud of not having reached the red line. He who celebrated Christmas with his loved ones has indeed remained wise. A promise he had made to himself to move on. “It is true that for a few years, it was a period that I hated, which saddened me… I decided to heal my wound, to heal my heart, to get better, so that my guardian angel [sa maman, décédée d’un cancer, ndlr] be happy to see me smile. The pain is easing although I miss this loved one terribly, but this year, Christmas, it will be with my loved ones. I no longer isolate myself, I now want to live and take full advantage of them, because family is sacred.” he confided on December 25.

Karine Le Marchand on Stéphane Plaza: “He drank a lot”

As a reminder, it was in July 2022 that Stéphane Plaza decided to stop drinking. According to his close friend and host Karine Le Marchand who lived with him, his drinking habits were excessive. “He went to bed late, drank a lot and pulled on the rope. And all of a sudden, he disappears, he does the job. He’s the only man capable of leaving for weeks leaving his cell phone in Paris”she confided in an interview with Parisian. “Let’s be drunk with happiness, not drunk early”, then joked Stéphane Plaza on Instagram, just a few days after starting his withdrawal. A technique that seems to have worked!

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/155-jours-sans-stephane-plaza-celebre-une-victoire-personnelle-1679040