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Happy birthday Carla Moreau! The former Marseillais star celebrates her 25th birthday this Saturday, January 15, surrounded by her future husband Kévin Guedj, met on the reality TV show, and their daughter Ruby, 2 and a half years old…

Carla Moreau has not finished talking about her. After a witchcraft scandal worthy of an earthquake last winter, the young reality TV star has made a new announcement just as close to the earthquake… The Marseillaise and her fiancé Kevin Guedj have decided to leave the agency Shauna Events, headed by Magali Berdah, to go to a competitor. “We made this choice with Kevin, hand in hand, to evolve in a different way. We decided to work with a new agency which is WeEvents. Wesley, he’s been approaching me for quite some time to work together. We had been working with Shauna Events for six years and it was going well. We had some great years with Shauna Events. I think we are coming to the end of our collaboration. I needed to challenge myself and leave to see how the job is elsewhere,” she justified with her 3 and a few million fans. That’s what a good start to the year of its 25 years, she blowing out her candles this January 15

Carla Moreau, already a fan of Marseille

Born in Marseille on January 15, 1997, Carla Moreau, all dapper, very quickly tries her first casting for the phenomenon of the moment: the show The people of Marseilles, broadcast every evening on W9. Model in her spare time and barely of age, she is recruited and takes off for her very first TV appearance for the needs of the program in South Africa, in 2016.

Carla’s old profession

But before becoming a star Marseilles, at just 18 years old, Carla started life as a hairdresser. From shampoos to cameras, there is only one step…

The nickname given to him by his relatives

In the intimacy, Carla Moreau is called “Carlita“. A nickname not really original, but effective!

Soon a marriage with with Kevin?

On the heart side, all fans of reality TV know the multiple disputes, deceptions and reconciliations by Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. But time seems to have done its work on the two lovers, became parents of a little Ruby on October 1, 2019. A month after the birth, the young people flew to the Marseilles in the Caribbean, where they made a short stay in New York. Kevin then asked his beauty in engagement in Times Square… But since then, no ceremony in sight! Constantly postponed because of the health situation and scandals, the marriage should take place during the month of January 2022….

Her childhood dream

In an interview filmed by Feminine in April 2019, the pretty blonde let it be known that she wanted to become midwife when she was a little girl. An entire program!

business woman with 3.3 million followers on Instagram

In the end, Carla preferred to make television her profession. But not only! Influencer at 3.3 million followers on Instagram, she is also a real businesswoman: she has also opened her own institute called My Caprice 2.0 and published My Happy Book, her first book in November 2019.

Carla, accused of witchcraft, left Les Marseillais

After six seasons of Marseilles and five of Marseille VS The Rest of the World, Carla slammed the door of W9. In question, the scandal around the witchcraft, which broke out at the end of February 2021… The young woman would have had rhelp to a clairvoyant named Danae since the age of 17 and would have done everything foroust other candidates (and friends) of the program. A controversy that shook up the enchanted world of reality TV starlets: Manon and Julien Tanti, Jessica Thivenin, Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega (among others) turned their backs on the couple… For her part, Carla Moreau took the speak several weeks after this tidal wave to denounce the racket undergone for several years and the 1.3 million euros which this Danae would have extorted from him. Nightmare or reality?

Carla, star of her own reality TV show

No going back for Carla and Kevin in the Marseille family. But no question of stopping the TV! Both have set up their own “family”, made up of friends of the couple and former contestants such as Julien Guirado or Maissane, for a brand new show. After long months of absence, the stars returned in November 2021 to C8 through MyCanal for The Mif, their own program centered on their daily life.

Carla Moreau’s favorite movie is…

Unconditional romantic, Carla fell for A Star Is Born, the film released in 1018 with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, as she confided in an interview for Feminine.

Carla and plastic surgery

Less bimbo than her Marseille counterparts, Carla also gave in to the sirens of the scalpel… In June 2020, Very complexed by her post-delivery body, she revealed in an Instagram story in June 2020 that she had resorted to a liposuction. I didn’t do it to take off my pounds because I managed to lose 12 pounds and I had 3 pounds left to lose. (…) Corn the problem is that I widened at the level of the pelvis. And that unfortunately, it doesn’t come back… And it’s true that my stomach got a little flabby and I don’t have the mind to do intense sport”, she said on the social network.

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