25 years have passed since the premiere of “Selena” and this is how Jennifer López pays tribute

The successful film, inspired by Selena Quintanilla, premiered in 1997 and was the one that consolidated Jennifer López as a successful Hollywood actress.

On March 21, 1997, one of the most successful films of recent decades was released: “Selena”. A film that pays tribute to the Queen of Tex-Mex, Selena Quintanilla, who was murdered on March 31, 1995 at the hands of Yolanda Saldívar.

It was this production that catapulted the actress and singer Jennifer López to world fame, since it was she who embodied the character of the interpreter of “Forbidden Love”.

The film was released two years after the death of the Queen of Tex Mex and JLo was chosen to bring the character to life, turning her from that moment into a successful celebrity in Hollywood, since her facial features were similar to Selena’s.

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In 1993, Selena won a Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Album.

It was just yesterday that the production celebrated 25 years since its premiere and, of course, Jennifer López wanted to pay tribute to both Quintanilla and the successful film.

“What a special day, we are celebrating 25 years of Selena. Now we celebrate and honor Selena’s legacy and music. This movie means a lot to me. Selena and her family mean a lot to me and I was very lucky to have been chosen to personify her, ”she began to read in the first paragraphs of the publication that she accompanied with photographs.

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Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image/https://www.instagram.com/p/CbYvw9PJ9rQ/

Then he detailed: “I will never forget that time of my life and it has been an honor as an artist to have been part of the magic of this film.”

Her thousands of followers, through comments, let her know that she was the most suitable person to embody Selena and that they will always be proud of the role she played in the 1997 production.

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