“30 days of evolution” Gaby Spanic shows off her tiny waist thanks to the help of the surgeon

The 48-year-old actress has set the web on fire with her sculpted figure and her smooth face thanks to the scalpel.

Zero inhibitions. This is how Gabriela Spanic has started this 2022 and proof of this is that she is super excited and proud to show the results of all the aesthetic touch-ups to which she underwent.

The Venezuelan had already shown how she looked just 16 hours after leaving the operating room and the results were visible.

However, after 30 days of evolution, as his surgeon Dr. Luis Gil said, the transformation is spectacular.

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Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CYzxBrgI5hC/

The 48-year-old actress posted a video on Instagram where she showed off her new image. “My Dr. Luis Gil is so beautiful! The best! I feel incredible! The DOC. he has amazing hands! God bless you! And a wonderful team that accompanies him and that accompanied me! I’m going out! But the truth was worth it! I did it for self love! And with the guarantee that I was in the best hands! I love you on time my luis!”, She said very excited.

This is not the first time that Gaby trusts the hands of the surgeon Gil, previously he applied botox, filler and botulinum toxin.

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As expected, the reaction of the followers was immediate and they made it very clear that they love how Spanic looks.

“My queen Gaby Spanic was spectacular”, “My God, Gaby looks Divine!”, “How sexy”, “Spectacular”, “Mercy, woman! You look so gorgeous. You look even fuller and more wonderful”, and “It is spectacular. A young lady”, were some of the compliments that Gaby received.