30 things to know about Miss France 98

Miss Lorraine who became Miss France 1998, Sophie Thalmann is an accomplished woman. Very busy with her life as a mother of 3 children, she is also busy with her passion, horses, which she shares with her jockey husband, Christophe Soumillon. Here’s everything you didn’t know about the beauty queen.

Without this crown, I would not have had the chance to realize all my dreams, to meet my husband, to have children, it’s a bit of a fairy tale.” Sophie Thalmann is not the type to spit on Geneviève de Fontenay’s hat, as she confided in front of the camera for a special program devoted to Miss France on C8. Very happy and grateful for her career as Miss France 1998 (year of memorable glory – for football – in France), she would not hesitate to try the experience again, despite the loneliness. Anecdotes, confidences and unusual info on one of the most popular misses.

Sophie Thalmann on Miss France: “I was very alone”

Born on May 7, 1976, the beauty from Bar-Le-Duc confided on her first steps as Miss France. “We are always very surrounded but not by our loved ones. And when in the evening I found my hotel room, I was very alone.”

If we had to redo it, She would gladly take part in the election of Miss France.

Sylvie Tellier is very grateful to Sophie Thalmann as she confided to Do not touch My TV: “It was the young woman who encouraged me to enter the competition“.

After Miss France, Sophie Thalmann became a sports journalist.

Not a pitcher, she refused to present a program for TF1 which confined her to a potiche role.

The former Miss France is passionate about horses.

Her husband Christophe Soumillon is one of the best jockeys in the world

Her passion for horse riding, Sophie Thalmann gladly shares it with her jockey husband. The Belgian Christophe Soumillon excels in his category, he is the holder of 10 Golden Whips (which must surely be the equivalent of the equine Oscars).

They married in 2006, and are the parents of three children: Charlie born in September 2005, Mika born in November 2008 and Robin born in April 2017.

A sharp pen, Sophie Thalmann is a children’s author for the pink library at Hachette Jeunesse, a series of children’s novels called My Horse Friends.

Her husband Christophe Soumillon is considered one of the best jockeys in the world.

Christophe Soumillon is 5 years younger and 12 cm shorter. A girl power counter for Sophie (1m81)!

Husband’s horse tragically died in 2016 during a race in Deauville.

Sophie Thalmann sleeps in one king bed super comfortable size.

Her dog’s name is Lulu.

At home, the ex-Miss France leads her world with the stick

“I can’t stand the mess and I like everything to be tidy, she confides in Home side. Even if I don’t prevent my children from playing, everything must be in its place.”

For her sports routine, she prefers to use the stairs than the elevator.

Every morning, she works out with her husband in the gym at their house.

Varicose veins and heavy legs

Sophie Thalmann doesn’t dare wear shorts because she has circulation problems that give her bruises or varicose veins.

In 2016, she wrote a book about her role as Mom, Once a Miss, Always a Mom.

Then a mother for ten years, Sophie Thalmann confides to pay homage to her children in a book written “in the tone of Bridget Jones’ diary”, as she explains to The newspaper. “I spend a lot of time with my children. They are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life. This book is above all a testimony dedicated to them. I think it will be a beautiful memory for them later.

She likes to run alone with her dogs.

Sophie Thalmann has a problem during exercise: she turns scarlet red.

She is the godmother of the ELA association (fighting against leukodystrophies)

Sophie Thalmann spends her days with her chickens

I’m lucky to live in the countrysideshe confides to the site Janet. My days, I spend them with the horses and the chickens. And they go fast!

She loves making beautiful bouquets of flowers from her garden.

Sophie Thalmann only watches reports on television.

Her favorite color in decoration is Parma.

She curls up under “a feather duvet”.

Her husband is a cordon-bleu chef who loves to cook, so they have a large open kitchen to entertain their friends.

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