4 foods to increase sexual desire in a relationship

Maintaining sexual desire is essential for a relationship to work and it is the people who must find a way to ensure that the flame is always active.

For the above, some foods can help you thanks, mainly, to their composition.

Because they contain minerals and zinc, these foods can help boost libido. You can eat them as snacks or include them in your favorite dishes and the best and richest are: almonds, walnuts and cashews.

This fruit is composed of vitamin C, which according to many experts, is the “sex vitamin”. Thanks to the fact that it is a healthy food, you can eat it daily (although keep in mind that it contains fat) at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

According to scholars from the University of Texas, this fruit has aphrodisiac properties that increase desire. Also, thanks to the fact that it is made up of a large amount of water, it provides the body with the necessary energy to face sexual activity.

This plant provides the body with vitality to counteract the lack of sexual desire, which is often due to the lack of nutrients or proteins. To make the most of its benefits, you can include it in your shakes or smoothies.