4 members of “Los chicos del 512”, a group that sings songs by Selena, die

It recently became known that A tragedy mourned the relatives and followers of a musical band that plays the music of Selena Quintanilla.

It is about “The boys of 512”, who lost four of their members in a car accident registered on November 18.

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The unfortunate event would have occurred on a road when the driver of the band’s tour bus it slid on black ice, lost control and crashed causing the vehicle to roll over on the road.

The group was headed to the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City, Kansas, to present ‘The Selena Experience’, a tribute to the deceased interpreter of ‘Como la flor’.

The victims were identified as: Ricardo Madrid, Rubén Hernández, Andrés Sandoval and Leo ‘Papo’ Neblina.

For his part, the driver Joel Mana González, is hospitalized in delicate condition.

Likewise, it was learned that Madrid and Sandoval were going to participate in the tribute to Selena, while Hernández and Neblina would pay tribute to Maná during the event.

The survivors, They opened a GoFundMe account to raise funds to help the loved ones of the deceased.

The band originally from Yuma, Arizona, had traveled to Japan in 2019 to present their show. Shortly after, he welcomed two new members, among them his vocalist Keila Martínez, who stole applause from the audience for her resemblance to the legendary singer.

The group only needed to offer one more presentation before the end of the year.