“400 million”: Stéphane Tapie evokes the many debts left by his father, Bernard Tapie!

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

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Stéphane Tapie’s book in which he returns to the death of his father, Bernard Tapie is finally out. The former politician who, according to his son, left many debts after his death.

Died on October 3, 2021 at the age of 78, Bernard Tapie was involved in many financial scandals. This earned him six months in prison in 1997. This former MEP was also the subject of criminal proceedings in the 2010s. All this because of an arbitration which condemned the State to pay him 403 million euros. He obviously did not want to disinherit his children when he died. Hence his statements during a previous interview for Le Point: ” I love my children so much that I would be unable to disinherit them. Our children are the most beautiful thing that life has allowed us to see with Dominique “. Stéphane Tapie does not share his point of view. He also puts an emphasis on it through the lines of his book How to say goodbye to you?

Stéphane Tapie confides without filter on the debts of his father, Bernard!

Precisely, speaking of inheritance, it seems that Bernard Tapie ultimately left nothing to his children. On the contrary, the latter are now overwhelmed by its many debts. ” More than 400 million to repay, it’s a sum » declares Stéphane Tapie at first. He then goes on to provide some details that should make things clear: “ Many moreover remain convinced that he stashed money in a tax haven. I will disappoint them. He didn’t tackle anything at all. For the simple and good reason: Tapie was convinced that he was going to recover. Tapie was not in the transmission, he was not an empire builder like Marcel Dassault or Marcel Boussac. “.

This situation seems in any case to be neither hot nor cold in Stephane Tapie. You have to believe that money has never been a problem in his life. Hence his recent statements about his legacy: I don’t really care that I didn’t inherit anything. It is also paradoxical to be an heir and to inherit nothing. I have never been attached to material things. I’m not interested and it’s better “. At least that has the merit of being clear.

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