5 home remedies for lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune and incurable disease, for which a treatment indicated by a specialist doctor is required.

However, there are tips and home remedies that can help to cope with the symptoms and experience well-being over time.

Because this component improves the functioning of the body system and strengthens it, it is essential that you include foods that contain it, such as fish, in your diet. There are many varieties and of course you will adapt them to your tastes. Eat it at least three times a week.

Both in its seed or oil version, this option will also help increase your Omega 3 levels. In this case, you can cook with the oil, or include the seeds in homemade breads, cakes, or cookies. As an extra point, flax also combats constipation.

As happens in most cases, doing gymnastics or some sport not only serves to feel better and therefore have more energy to fight a disease, but it is also a fundamental piece for strengthening the immune system, which precisely fulfills the role in combating infections of different types. Find an activity that you really enjoy and try to be consistent.

Cigarettes, alcohol and other substances of this type not only do not provide any benefit to your health, but can also worsen the discomfort caused by the lupus outbreak. That is why it is important that you lead a healthy life on a daily basis.

According to what was reported by the Nutrition Facts site, eating this spice “lowers systolic blood pressure”, which is altered in patients suffering from lupus. To try it you can include it in your favorite drinks and dishes, although it is important that you first discover if its flavor is not too strong for you.