5 home remedies to eliminate double chin

Double chin is known as a kind of excess skin that is located under the chin and although it does not confer a health problem, for many people it is an aesthetic “defect”, which they intend to eliminate or at least reduce in appearance.

To achieve this, there are some home remedy options that can help you.

Every day and with the help of the cream that you like the most, try performing ascending massages, gently and with a lot of patience to avoid hurting the area. As the skin is elastic, over time its appearance may change at least a little.

When the skin is hydrated, it is firm and it is thus prevented from falling in a very noticeable way, that is why it is essential that you fill it with nutrients every day. To do it, a homemade way is to use some natural oil (it can be almond, coconut or the one you like the most) that you will apply after a gentle exfoliation.

A well-known exercise to reduce double chin is called “Kissing the ceiling” and it consists of turning your face back and forth, repeating the process at least ten times in each routine. Try to do it every night and with great force, so the muscles work optimally.

To maintain the appropriate muscle tone, it is key to move the neck every day, since it is usually an area that is mostly at rest and that is not good for the objective here. Performing circular movements maintaining some tension in the area can be effective.

As this part of the face is the one that supports the double chin, it must also be cared for and toned. Opening and closing your mouth several times, making different faces with your mouth and moving your jaw forward and back are some of the options that you have and should also do every day.