5 home remedies to stop clenching your teeth

The action of clenching the teeth is defined as bruxism and can cause serious consequences to people’s health.

In addition to the necessary consultation with a dentist, there are some tips and home remedies that can help you eliminate this disorder and make you feel better.

While this condition lasts, it is important to keep your jaw relaxed and for this it is key that you avoid eating hard or difficult to break foods. Start including yogurt or soft dough in your diet, at least a few times a week.

Bruxism produces pain and inflammation and this can be treated by placing cold in the area and even alternating it with heat compresses. Do this daily to see long-term results.

Although this is the correct way, many do it through the mouth and that implies that the jaw area works extra and therefore is not relaxed. To improve your breathing mechanism, you can help yourself with exercises that you find on the Internet.

Many people clench their teeth (usually at night) due to anxiety-related issues, and meditation works very well to counter this. Do a short routine in the morning and before bed.

The stress that people experience due to work also increases the possibility of accentuating bruxism and here physical exercise is an effective remedy, since it releases hormones related to well-being. Choose the activity that you like the most and be constant in its practice.