5 LGTB+ short films from the Ibiza Film Festival

    A few days ago, from April 16 to 23, the great week of Ibizan cinema took place: Ibizaa festival that is still young —as well as promising and very ambitious— that has just celebrated its 5th edition in style on the island of Pitiusa, a dream enclave where it brought together the best of national culture (Yolanda Ramos, María León, Ana Guerra…) and took the opportunity to celebrate the importance of short films, a careful selection in which the LGBT+ theme it did not go unnoticed. A special emphasis that might seem trivial at this point, but that is not at all: The Observatory of Diversity in Audiovisual Media (ODA) analyzed in 2021 the cultural incursion of the characters that are part of the collective in Spanish fiction investigating in his feature films and series, obtaining as a result a scarce 6.2% representation.

    Now at last the Ibiza Film Festival boasts and celebrates a necessary social enhancement that becomes relevant thanks to the media springboard that Ibicine represents, an event that grows exponentially year after year. Among the large selection of short films that were presented on the island throughout their week, we present five projects that, in addition to dealing with ‘queer’ realities, are drawn as a true ‘must’ for any movie buff and lover of the native audiovisual culture. There’s everything here: from big names in acting to emerging firms, passing through disparate budget productions, this list of short films promises not to leave you indifferent.

    17 minutes with Nora (Imanol Ruiz de Lara)

    Trauma, rebellion and the desire to move on come together in this project that introduces us to Lara (Álex Silleras), a young man who has a surprising talk with his father (Isak Férriz) that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Shot in an amazing sequence shot, the story hits the table and denounces the ‘bullying’ that, in particular, affects the LGTB + collective – being the acronym T, for transsexual, the most affected.

    Duration: 18 minutes.

    Where to see the short? You can currently watch it completely free on the COSMO channel website.

    still from '17 minutes with nora'


    Mindanao (Borja Soler)

    This masterful piece does not revolve ‘per se’ around the LGBT theme, but rather integrates this condition into a narrative that exposes political corruption, ambition and picaresque through Marisol (played by carmen machi) and his beloved lover Amparo (Paulina García). Together they form a tandem whose resemblance to reality may not be mere coincidence. Mindanao amassed three nominations in the last Astarte Awards, winning all the awards in the categories of ‘best actress’, for Carmen Machi, ‘best makeup and hairdressing’ as well as ‘best costume’.

    Duration: 17 minutes.

    Where to see it? In Movistar Plus.

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    Male_32 (Nabil Chabaan)

    What seems like a typical sexual date between two unknown men in the apartment of one of them begins to turn into something strange and uncomfortable that will reach critical acclaim. Starring Jan Cornet and Alejandro Albarracín, it focuses on the reality of sex through gay apps from a cloudy prism that borders on the terrifying. A story that will keep you guessing until the end and that is not afraid to flirt with a genre rarely seen in the LGTB + genre.

    Duration: 15 minutes.

    male poster 32


    (A)normal (Miguel Parra)

    In this case, the story focuses on a transsexual experience whose experience in a male locker room in a gym gives context to a raw and uncomfortable reality that the collective lives, unfortunately, regularly. A closed mind and a body that seeks to be socially accepted collide, resulting in a work that obtained four nominations for this year’s Astarte Awards. Gala that swept away taking two awards: ‘best screenplay’ and ‘best actor’, recognition that recognized Víctor Viruta. Likewise, it obtained a special mention for Best LGTB+ Short Film at the Ibizan festival.

    Duration: 13 minutes.

    Where to see it? It is available on Filmin.

    frame of 'abnormal'


    Elsa (Albert Carbo)

    Short film that gives visibility to the necessary transsexual childhood that lately grabs headlines and opinion articles due to the recent laws that concern it. In this case we meet Elsa, a six-year-old Catalan girl who searches for her identity at an early age, when she still does not know the prejudices that society unjustifiably imposes. Iria Saura, the leading performer, kicks off a career that promises to keep us on our toes.

    Duration: 12 minutes.

    frame from 'elsa'


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