5 months after the death of Vicente Fernández and after a lawsuit with Televisa, this is what Doña ‘Cuquita’ looks like

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Mexico City.- After 5 months of the death of his lifelong partner, Vicente Fernandez and after the legal fight he sustained with Televisa, Mrs Cuquita‘ is seen very well accompanied and smiling.

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The picture of the ‘wifeCharro from Huentitan‘, devastated by the death of the interpreter of ‘Divine women‘, ‘The lie‘ Y ‘This jealousy‘, was recorded in all the people who saw her during the funeral, but five months after this event, the interpreter’s widow was seen smiling in the company of her children.

According to some statements provided by Alex Fernandezboth Alejandro and the rest of the family have tried to keep an eye on Doña ‘Cuquita’, who fears that she could fall into a serious case of depressionso whenever they can they go to visit her at the ranch ‘The Three Foals‘ in Jalisco.

And, as expected, this Thursday, Alexander Fernandez Y Vicente Fernandez Jr. They went to visit their mother to spend the day with her, this fact was presumed by the singer of ‘Traveling cloud‘, ‘Like who wants a star‘ Y ‘Do not go‘, through his official account Instagram.

After the scandal carried out by Televisa, by transmitting the unauthorized biography of The Last King: The Son of the Peoplelittle has been said about the subject, but what he does know is that the Fernández are about to release their own version in Netflixbut this one is carried out by Jaime Camil and so far has aroused mixed opinions in Internet.

Sources: Alex Officer