5 things to know about the actor of the Visitors!

The film “The Visitors: the Revolution” returns to TMC this Friday, January 27. The opportunity to rediscover one of its leading actors as you have never seen it before. Here are five unusual facts about Jean Reno!

The actor whose real name is Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez, is back on the small screen in one of his films, The Visitors: The Revolution, on TMC, on Friday, January 27 at 9:15 p.m. The 74-year-old Spanish-born comedian, born in Casablanca, has had a long career. Discover five unsuspected things about Jean Reno.

5 unusual things to know about Jean Reno

  • The actor delivers a fight for the less unexpected. As’deputy mayor of the village of Les Baux-ProvenceJean Reno agreed to join a Provençal delegation that traveled to Paris in January 2022. Their goal was to make a “inventory of the culture and language of Provence“, he had explained to France Bleu. We would like Paris to recognize Provençal as a language, he then added. Very in love with Provence, he said, still to France Bleu in July 2020: “Les Baux is great, it’s a place that made me better, I listened, I understood, I watched, and many people here helped me to live“. He also confided the reasons why he wanted to become deputy mayor, “what interests me is to be close. I would not have returned to the municipal office of a town of 5,000 inhabitants“. Indeed, the village has barely 500.
  • He has type 2 diabetes. It is up to our colleagues to The Express that he reveals his illness, in 2017. He explains that she “sI often detect around fifty“. Subsequently, he clarified that he is not the only one in his family to suffer from it, his aunt also being affected. “So I inherited it. I had, as doctors say, predispositions, but you always think you can get through everything. You know human nature: ‘People die, but I don’t’“. Jean Reno explains that this “sneaky disease manifests itself by no symptoms for many years” and he was diagnosed by chance. He ends by saying:I hoped to escape the disease. In this sense, when it fell on me, I did not expect it“.
  • With his tall height, 1m88, he is often confined to tough-as-nails rolesas much in French cinema as in Hollywood, as in Immortal, The Crimson Rivers 2 or more Joe. But Jean Reno affirms that he is rather the opposite of the characters he embodies. “I don’t look like my roleshe declared to our colleagues from Paris Match. I’m absolutely not violent.” He even insists on specifying: “I like music, women, good wine. ‘Let’s eat!’ is the sentence that most delights the epicurean that I am“.
  • Jean Reno plays in several international films, so it is surprising to know that he turned down a very big role. The French actor had the opportunity to play the terrible Agent Smith in Matrix, replacing Australian actor Hugo Weaving. But he had just finished filming the movie Godzilla, he does not accept the role because he does not want to go to Australia and get away from his family he has just found.
  • In addition to being appreciated by the public in the United States, the actor is very popular in Japan where he has already shot in several pubs. He notably shot for Toyota where he played the role of Doraemon, a robot cat from the future, a character from a very popular manga in the land of the Rising Sun. He also participated in an ad where he praised the merits of a brand of soy sauce.

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