5 women, 8 children, stroke, cancer, alcoholism… His daughter Elise says

In an interview published in Gala this April 21, Elise Martin, the daughter of the famous animator Jacques Martin reveals some of the secrets of her father.

A personality so well known and so exposed to success necessarily has gray areas. In any case, this is what the eldest of Jacques Martin, Elise, in an interview published in Gala this April 21. The daughter of the star animator, died in 2007 at the age of 74 following a cancer generalized, tells it his father’s fondness for womenas well as the fact that he had hidden his illness.

Jacques Martin: Stroke and Cancer

Initially he had a stroke which he never really recovered from. Then metastasized cancer… But he never talked about it directly. At the very end, he didn’t want to see anyone anymore. Like a wounded animal, he ducked in a corner and hid from all“, explained Elise Martin to our colleagues at Gala. And when they ask her what memories she has of her fatherElise responds frankly: “His last years of life. Because I found myself close to him. It’s terrible to say that but it was from the moment he fell ill that he became accessible. Available. But unfortunately I thinkhe did not leave serene.

Jacques Martin: 5 wives and 8 children

It’s from Jacques Martin’s first marriage to Annie Lefevre that are born David (in 1961) and Elise (in 1965). After a 4-year history with Marion Game, the Sunday maestro has Frederic (1973) and Jean Baptiste (1976) with Daniele Evenou. In 1984, the presenter of The school of fans wife Cécilia Ciganer-Albeniz, come Judith (born in 1984) and Jeanne-Marie (born in 1987). It is with the very young Céline Boisson that Juliet (In 1994) and Clovis (in 1999).

Jacques Martin, “unlivable” in love

In the interview at GalaElise returns to the thwarted loves of his father. And especially on its history with Cecilia Attiaswho had left him to join his friend Nicholas Sarkozy.With each breakup, we lived distress of our father. There in addition, there was the feeling of being betrayed by the one who was the godfather of his daughters. He had confided his friendship to Nicolas Sarkozy and it all ended with this adultery. He got double trouble.

But Elise Martin concedes it, his father had a complicated relationship with love: “He had a side unlivable in the sense that he wanted exclusivity. As he had lacked his mother’s affection in childhood, the woman who was at his side had to be there day and night, taking care only of him.

Finally, Elise put words to her father’s last relationship with Celine, who was 37 years younger than him: “At the time, I asked myself questions as much from dad as from this young woman. Afterwards, it was our father’s choice.”

Élise Martin’s mother was shattered by her breakup with Jacques Martin

This interview is also an opportunity for Élise Martin to discuss the tragic fate of his mother, Annie Lefevre, died years after her separation from Jacques Martin. “Our mom had a problemalcoholism. She had a little sunk in this hell and dad was always there to help David and me, to try to support mom, to take care of her. He was always very present. Maybe even too much, because seeing him caring about her that much gave her hope.“, she confided in the columns of Gala.

She “always had a suitcase ready (…) was waiting for dad to tell him to come backElise Martin, whose father had left for Marion Game, told Gala. She remained eternally in love with him. She had another man in her life, but it was to better hide her distress. She died at 52 and I think she died of boredom, grief, regrets too.

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