70th Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Great Britain will be at a standstill next weekend. An old, surprisingly sprightly lady who always seems to be in a good mood is being celebrated. A woman who was born by Caesarean section on April 21, 1926 in the London Borough of Mayfair and was notable at an early age for her idolatrous love of horses and dogs. Her parents gave her the nickname “Lilibet”. The 70th anniversary of the throne of Queen Elizabeth II (96) is being celebrated, who with her stoic calm has survived all the evils of this world unscathed to this day – from the air raid shelters of the Second World War to the pandemic. Even if she recently had to rely more on video messages.

In her 25,680 days as Queen since her enthronement on February 6, 1952, Her Majesty has attended more than 21,000 official appointments in over 100 countries. She has enacted around 4,000 laws, hosted 112 state visits and seen 14 British Prime Ministers. The current Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) has already paid tribute to her and referred to her as “Elisabeth the Great”.