8-page letter to mom: Marvel star Simu Liu saved relationship with his parents

Marvel star Simu Liu, known from ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’, told People magazine that he was able to mend his relationship with his parents by writing a long letter to his mother. “It was eight pages long and I remember being so nervous when I gave it to her,” said the Chinese-Canadian actor.

His mother then called him and they had
talked about injuries experienced for the first time. “We both realized that we are flawed people trying to do our best.” According to his own statements, the 33-year-old had already suffered greatly as a schoolboy from the high demands of his parents and their penalties for average grades. “I remember thinking I had the worst parents in the world. I felt so alone,” he says.

Moaning about career aspirations too

The two would have rejected his way into acting for a long time. It was only when he got a role in the sitcom “Kim’s Convenience” five years ago that the relationship relaxed for the first time. Today he sees two of his “closest friends” in his parents, says Lui. The two even starred alongside him in a cellphone commercial earlier this year, in which they took a swipe at their tendency to nitpick.

Liu, who grew up with his grandparents in China until he was four and then followed his parents to Canada, is starring in Greta Gerwig’s planned “Barbie” film, among others. His memoir We Were Dreamers is out May 17.