“A berezina”: for Éric Zemmour, the legislative elections make us fear the worst…

Jérémy Trottin, the head of the political service of RMC, was in the program “Les Grandes Gueules” on RMC this June 9. He returned to the chances of Éric Zemmour and his Reconquest party! to the next legislative elections which take place in a few days.

Guest of the Grandes Gueules on RMC this Thursday, June 9, Jérémy Trottin, the head of the political service of RMC, did not go there with the back of the spoon concerning the chances of Eric Zemmour and his party in the next legislative elections whose first round takes place on June 12. ” After the reconquest, perhaps the Berezina for Eric Zemmour “, he says in the preamble of his column. He even specifies that Berezina is ” a term that some of those close to the polemicist go so far as to use behind the scenes. »

According to some former members of the presidential campaign, this is due to a lack of strategy. There are no guidelines, no decided theme, no direction given, no reflection “, explains Jérémy Trottin. He adds that a source told journalist Hélène Terzian: ” We sent newcomers to politics to hell. They agreed to go to the coalthey only had one training session. »

Reconquest! remain optimistic

Jérémy Trottin specifies that there are still some optimists on the side of Reconquest! Denis Cieslik, spokesperson for the party says: I don’t know what voters will decide next Sunday. (…) But I know that we have about ten constituencies where we consider that our candidates can be well placed. » And to add: “We do everything to fight until the last minute. I think we will have deputies. There are a number of ridings that are supportive. » All is not lost »he concludes.

But for Jérémy Trottin, there is ” no more than 3 winnable constituencies including that of Éric Zemmour and again in the best of scenarios. “A party official relativizes:” If we had only one deputy with Éric Zemmour, that would be worth all the possible parliamentary groups. The head of the political service of RMC also recalls that many see in these legislative the occasion for the party to find funds to live for five years until the next presidential election.

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