“A bomb in the car …”: A candidate for Large Families tells of her big fright

Cindy Reymond was revealed to the general public in Large families, life in XXL on TF1. Viewers were able to discover his daily life with his now ex-companion Fernand and his 9 children. If since then she has not reappeared on television, she continues to share her life on Instagram. The opportunity for its community to discover that it has been hit by a series of misfortunes, Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Cindy Reymond experienced a Friday the 13th a little early. The mother of the family would indeed have done better to stay in bed since she experienced several misadventures yesterday, starting with a big fright while she was on her way to go shopping, by car. “And suddenly, a bomb in the car. All your splattered windows, the steering wheel, the trunk, the seats, your legs. But what’s going on?“, were first able to read the Internet users. They were then able to see images of the car and found that a liquid had spread everywhere. “A coke bottle literally exploded“, then specified the single mother by revealing the object of the crime.

That’s not all ! Cindy revealed that she hadn’t managed to get her hands on her sunglasses. Fortunately, she had a second one in her possession and therefore grabbed it. But when it came time to put them on, not everything went as planned. “I take the 2nd and I burst the tiles“, she wrote in the caption of a photo on which she wears the famous glasses, with one glass less. “And when I get home“, was then able to read his community. Then she discovered a snapshot of a broken egg on the ground and an open package of Curly, with Curly spread on the ground.

This Friday, May 13, after a night of rest, Cindy Reymond has not been idle. She was on a war footing to wash her vehicle herself from top to bottom as she revealed on video. A day she should remember for a very long time as it was eventful.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/-une-bombe-dans-la-voiture-une-candidate-de-familles-nombreuses-raconte-sa-grosse-frayeur_a490246/1