“A bunch of envious people who put your head under water”: Philippe Risoli confides in his descent into hell

Philippe Risoli begins a second career in the theater after having known everything on television. First the glitter, the success…then the shadows and the return to anonymity. A difficult period now behind him which does not make him forgive those he considers today as false friends.

Adored one day, forgotten the next. This is the bitter observation made by Philippe Risoli to our colleagues from TV Star. After experiencing success on the first channel and hosted many programs, the host has completely disappeared from the radar overnight. A situation that he did not, by his own admission, understand at the time: “Naively, I thought that professional qualities always end up winning. But there is in this profession a bunch of envious and embittered people who put your head under water“, he lamented in the columns of the magazine.

Of these years on television, he remembers the best but does not want to forget the worst. He remembers being touched by those he considered friends at the time: “One day a new director of programs arrives and some, who you thought were your friends when they were eyeing your place, end up stealing it from you.. I didn’t want to do it at the time but I will tell all about it one day…“he continued without wishing for the moment to give names.

Unfailing support from family and loved ones

Abandoned by his second family, that of television, it is with his family that Philippe Risoli has climbed the slope and found a smile. The former animator also felt lucky to have always been able to count on his family and loved ones in the good but also the bad times.

A happiness that he also knows again, on the professional side, since his debut on the stage. He notably played alongside Nathalie Marquay, in 2015, in Matignon trap. He is also currently writing a book which should be out in a few months.

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