a burglar arrested under her tree! PHOTO of the culprit

Hollywood screenwriters better watch out! Because this Monday, December 19, Robert de Niro woke up in an action film worthy of the biggest studios. A burglar broke into his home to steal his Christmas presents…

Funny alarm clock, this Monday, December 19, 2022 for the American actor Robert de Niro. And yet, he shot gangster films… On the night of Sunday to Monday, the now 79-year-old star was indeed awakened by the New York police, without even asking for his help. The reason ? A young burglar, well known to the police, entered his home in order to steal his Christmas presents.

A multi-recidivist thief breaks into Robert de Niro’s house

Shanice Aviles, barely thirty years old, is not at her first attempt. And Robert de Niro is therefore not the first person with whom she tries to break in illegally. Let’s just say that this time his break-in is making headlines around the world. On the night of December 18 to 19, the young woman indeed tried to steal Christmas gifts from the very famous American actor.known in particular for his mythical roles in The Godfather II, Freedmen or Casino.


She was caught red-handed by New York police who saw her enter the mansion located in an upscale and ultra-secure Upper East Side neighborhood in Manhattan. “through a basement door showing signs of being broken into”. The spokeswoman for the American body declared in the process that the police had indeed “discovered the woman inside the living room” in full “attempt to steal property”.

Robert de Niro was at home at the time of the events

According to ABC News and NBC News, the suspect, “known for numerous arrests for burglaries”was even serving herself at the foot of the Christmas tree when the agents arrived on the scene and discovered her. Also according to the American news channel NBC, it was at this precise moment that the police saw Robert De Niro appear “in bathrobe” in his own living room.

The actor, who will soon star in Martin Scorsese’s next film, Killers of the Flower Moon, had indeed been alerted by the noise. The arrest of Shanice Aviles took place in the greatest calm. And the legend says that Robert de Niro quietly went back to bed…

Until then, the police did not know the identity of the owner of the house. His agent, Stan Rosenfield, said his client was doing well and would not make a statement about the event.“say our colleagues from Vanity Fair.

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