a burning memory, she explains…

Luana Belmondo was “massacred” by Amanda Lear, according to her confidences at the microphone of the “Burn Out” podcast. The wife of Paul Belmondo, who exercises the profession of chef, keeps vivid memories…

As a cooking enthusiast, Luana Belmondo has at times been exposed to criticism over her cooking skills. The wife of Paul Belmondo, for example, was rebuffed on one of his dishes by none other than… Charles Aznavour ! “I served a soup with pasta and beans to Charles Aznavour. But woe! I told him that I had added some ham rind to it. To which he replied: ‘No! you didn’t add any bacon!’. Without tasting he said: ‘Either way eat, she won’t be good‘”, she recalled at the microphone of the podcast burn out.

Luana Belmondo, “massacred” by Amanda Lear

But the criticism that Luana Belmondo particularly remembers is the one made to her… Amanda Lear ! As she tasted one of her culinary creations, the former muse of Salvador Dali and show business jack-of-all-trades known for not having her tongue in her pocket didn’t hesitate to say what she thought exactly of Luana Belmondo’s dish, without taking tweezers. “She slaughtered me! She said it was really gross and we were live on TV“, assured the daughter-in-law of the deceased John Paul Belmondo.

Luana and Paul Belmondo, a couple that lasts, that lasts…

And if Amanda Lear did not go there with the back of the spoon to criticize the cuisine of Luana Belmondo, the husband of the gastronomy enthusiast, he is full of praise for her. “She is a woman who does not stop taking bets, she always embarks on projects that she does not know“, he confided about Luana Belmondo. The passionate cook is constantly supported by her famous husband.

But their life as a couple is not a long calm river. “Luana and I are very different from each other, and that’s good. Sometimes it blows up, and then I’m straight, like my daddy wanted me to be. There is nothing left unsaid between us. We have grown and evolved together, without a miracle recipe“, assured Paul Belmondo to Paris Matchin the summer of 2022, as they celebrated their 32 years of marriage.

The birth of Vahé, a “new stage” in their lives

In April 2022, the lovebirds have also taken a new step in their relationship by becoming grandparents of a small Vahé, son of their big boy Alessandro Belmondo. “The arrival of a baby in a home is only joy! It’s a new stage in life and it’s moving to see your son become a father in turn. (…) As for us, grandparents, our relationship with our grandson is different from that which we had with our own children (…) But he will be spoiled, that’s for sure“, had confided the son of Bébel to France Sunday.

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