a businesswoman with a pretty stamp of voice

The election of Miss France 2023 will be held on December 17 in Châteauroux. It is therefore time to get to know the candidates better. Cameron Vallière (Miss Languedoc 2022) answered our questions.

Elected in Beaucaire, last August, Cameron Vallière wears the scarf of Miss Languedoc 2022. She is now preparing for the election of Miss France 2023.

Introduce yourself in a few words? Your main character trait?
I am 23 years old, I am a student and at the same time a business manager. According to those close to me, I am tenacious and determined while remaining attentive to the well-being of others.

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Why did you embark on this adventure?
To go to the end of things, I had already tried the adventure in 2019, having arrived at the place of first runner-up, I decided to represent myself because I never give up!

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What is a successful reign according to you?
For me a successful reign is synonymous with a beautiful representation of France, namely
transmit our values ​​and our know-how on the international scene. It is also a year rich in meetings, in emotion, which must be experienced to the full.

Your favorite Miss France and why?
Diane Leyrefor his ambition, accessibility and talent for public speaking.

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Charles Aznavour, cheese… and shopping

A childhood / youth memory strongly linked to Miss France?
Cliché, but inevitably, the television evenings with my grandmother, choosing our favorite and taking the landline to vote for her.

A mentor or someone who has influenced you in your life?
It was not really a mentor but my high school history teacher, Mrs. Cuyaubère, who opened my eyes to my abilities.

A song ?
“She” interpreted by Charles Aznavour.

A book ?
“Pride and Prejudice”, because I love English literature and especially Jane Austen.

A movie/series?
“The Piano Lesson”, for its depth and romanticism.

Your favorite pastime?
I could tell you reading or the cinema… But in all honesty, shopping!

A hidden talent?
Singing, I admit to having a nice tone of voice, especially according to my relatives, but nothing very impressive…

A cute sin?
Cheese ! Either way, I don’t discriminate.

Regional pride?
Nîmes, a city steeped in history with its cultural heritage.

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