a candidate already in a relationship? Shocking revelations

Married to the first glance is a program which is broadcast on M6 and which is in its sixth season. Suffice to say that despite all the criticism that may flourish on the Web about it, it remains very popular with viewers. Indeed, impossible to envisage a sixth season if such a concept did not create the event with the public.

However, Married at first sight and M6 know their share of controversy because of the candidates of this program. Objeko won’t surprise fans of the show, this isn’t the first time a contestant has been suspected of conning casting executives. For this new season, it is a candidate who is therefore suspected of having been in a relationship during the filming. And the blogger Aqababe makes other revelations about her, about the continuation of her adventure in Married at first sight

Married at first sight : more candidates accused of cheating?

Blogger Aqababe is not one to talk in silence. Indeed, when he claims to have information, it is not like when he has doubts. In any case, you have to be sure to clarify your thoughts before throwing out information or assumptions. And in the case of this candidate of Married at first sight, this is information that it delivers to Internet users. However, Objeko reminds you that it is also no guarantee of truth to see that Aqababe is sure of himself. This may encourage his fans to believe him, but to err is human. The blogger therefore always takes tweezers by revealing his scoops. And the least we can say is that there are several to reveal about this new couple of Married at first sight.

Jennifer and Eddy risk seeing their reputations take a hit because of the media exposure offered by the M6 ​​show. Since it is a large part of France which watches, every Monday, the new episodes of Married at first sight. So, while we just discovered Jennifer and Eddy, Aqababe says he already knows how this couple is doing today.

This Monday, April 25, we just had time to be moved by the future marriage of Jennifer and Eddy and now Aqababe puts everyone back on the ground. By indicating in particular that the lovebirds are going to get married but that they are no longer together today.

Shocking revelations that will get people talking

“According to one of my sources present at Eddy and Jennifer’s wedding in Gibraltar, she told me that they would no longer be together at the present time. According to one of my informed sources, Jennifer was in a relationship outside of the program. She was in her 5th month of relationship while filming the show ‘Married at first sight’. She separated from her official boyfriend for a month now. », then began by detailing the blogger on Instagram. And he also swayed that Eddy was registered on Tinder and that this is what caused the disputes of the couple.

But that wasn’t all there was to remember. Objeko do not hide from you that our colleagues from the magazine Melty made sure to sum up all the scoops from Aqababe about Married at first sight. And that they are once again numerous to be able to create lively polemics! Decidedly, this sixth season will therefore not be calmer than the previous seasons. Are the fans of the show likely to sanction the program vis-à-vis the hearings? Only the future will tell us. In the meantime, here is the latest information from the blogger about Jennifer and Eddy.

“Yesterday, I told you about the fact that she was in a relationship with a guy outside during the filming as well as the fact that there had been trouble between Eddy and her following the fact that she had grilled Eddy on Tinder but that they had reconciled since April 6. So I investigated to get THE TRUTH. Know that at present, Jennifer is absolutely no longer with Eddy. She went back with Adrien, the one she was with outside of filming the show. He lives with Jennifer in a town in Lille and he unfortunately left his real wife for Jennifer. Know that she was aware that Adrien had a wife. »finally wrote Aqababe about Jennifer of Married at first sight. But to ensure the veracity of all these revelations, only the main interested parties will be able to confirm…


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