a candidate on the operating table just before filming…

If, like the Objeko team, you are a fan of the famous cooking show broadcast on M6, you surely did not miss the very first episode of the new season of Top Chef! Savoring this entertaining moment, you had no idea that one of the candidates was just coming out of an operation! Objeko tells you in detail this surprising news!

This year, viewers have the chance to attend a new edition of Top Chef! Every Wednesday evening, it is with great pleasure and a hint of gluttony that we find the candidates who are determined to impress the judges. Indeed, as you know, seducing them is essential to avoid being eliminated. And every week, a candidate is unfortunately ousted.

If you missed the last episode, know that this Wednesday, March 23, it was Ambroise that we saw leave. He lost in a duel against Sébastien.

At the beginning of the adventure, the candidates of Top Chef were fifteen to hope to become the new big winner of the famous show. Today, after the elimination of Ambroise, they are only 9 to fight to succeed Mohamed Cheikh, the winner of the previous edition. Indeed, Logan Depuydt, Elliott Van de Velde, Tania Cadeddu, Renaud Ramamourty and Elis Bond were eliminated during the last shows.

A big operation involving a long convalescence

Among the 9 remaining candidates, a brave cook lived through a rather delicate period just before entering the competition. He confided in our colleagues from “Télé Loisirs” a few days ago about his health problems.

This determined candidate is Arnaud Delvenne! A few months before the filming of the show, he says he underwent major surgery. This was intended to promote significant weight loss. ” When my mother died ten years ago, I filled the gap with food. I had arrived at 117 kilos! » he confides to “Télé Loisirs”. Surely you weren’t expecting this! When we watch the Belgian chef get busy behind the M6 ​​stoves, we are far from suspecting that he weighed 50 kg more a few months ago! In addition, this type of operation imposes a long and delicate period of convalescence. Just enough time to recover and Arnaud put on his apron and his hat to delight the judges and the viewers.

For this 36-year-old chef, this impressive weight loss would never have been possible without this operation. But to achieve this feat, he also had to show courage and determination. In addition, this great gourmand had to learn to rebalance his diet. Difficult mission when you embark on a cooking show to become the Top Chef of M6! Arnaud also admits that the beginnings of filming were difficult because he was just relearning how to eat healthily.

A Top Chef candidate with an atypical career

Originally from Xhendremael in Belgium, Arnaud Delvenne also surprises with his very atypical career. Before becoming a cook, the young man worked as a waiter in a restaurant. Subsequently, he held a position of assistant manager at Quick before becoming a cook in a prison. Determined to make a living from his passion, Arnaud is now executive chef of the Van der Valk group, a chain of hotel restaurants.

Arnaud admits, this physical metamorphosis has been beneficial to him on several levels. In addition to his health, which he preserves by regaining a normal weight, his vision of cooking has been completely transformed! Today, the candidate of Top Chef concocts small light and dietetic dishes while preserving this generous aspect that any self-respecting cook must offer to his guests.

Spontaneous, authentic and always ready to laugh, Arnaud Delvenne takes advantage of his participation in Top Chef to show us all that it is possible to succeed whatever his background and the hardships endured. But he thinks above all of his mother, whom he hopes to make proud by investing himself fully in everything he does.

We can only wish the best to this cook with a big heart who has every chance of winning the thirteenth edition of Top Chef! Always on the lookout for the latest news, Objeko will not fail to come back to you to tell you about the grand finale and reveal the lucky winner!

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