a couple victim of a formidable scam by fake EDF agents

After believing these evil people, this duo must face the facts. This scam put on straw. We tell you everything!

This scam is spreading panic throughout the department!

If these two victims had been told that he was going to be scammed, they would never have thought of it. Usually, they are of a rather suspicious nature. Obviously, they had to get their hands on others before taking action on them. Faced with this heartbreaking observation, Objeko take a good resolution for 2023. In the future, as soon as we hear about a similar case, we immediately draw the necessary conclusions. You protect from these counterfeiters who do not have the slightest ounce of remorse remains our priority!

For several months, the State has been encouraging us to save money. However, to achieve this, you still need to have the means to meet your needs. After investigation, we find that a majority of French people are overdrawn from the 5th. Between rent, food, fuel, and now electricity, our salary melts like snow in the sun. Again, Elisabeth Borne redoubles her efforts to support the French in this difficult moment. Multiplying aid (inflation bonus, energy check, as well as the usual allowances from the CAF), it sincerely hopes that we will soon see this zone of turbulence through. To get an idea of ​​what to expect, Objeko you list of everything that is planned for the start of 2023. This is where it’s happening. However, this scam calls everything into question!

A well-crafted mechanism

After a hard time of work, this duo decides to relax at home. Still traumatized by the health crisis, they console themselves by watching a film or a series on netflix. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Intrigued, they question these surprise guests. By using arguments which will leave no one indifferent, the latter specify that they simply want ” to update » their file for free. The objective is to ” block tariffs so that it does not increase in 2023″ ! Well-established, this scam seems to have been prepared down to the smallest detail.

Faced with this surge of generosity, our seniors remove the shell and protective armor. Not suspecting for a single moment that it is a scam, they provide them with the necessary elements. Bank account statement, old electricity bill, rent receipt… all that matters now is the tax return for the picture to be perfect!

How to avoid this type of trickery?

A few days later, by consulting by chance the state of finances, they make a withdrawal of 15 euros. And since the information was given voluntarily, the advisor warns them that the reimbursement will take time. Worse still, there would be fees to block future direct debits. But above all, meet at the police station closest to file a complaint!

How many hours wasted for this scam! If only they had read the misadventures of Internet users. And yes, on the Web, this kind of controversy is spread like wildfire ! ” An EDF agent will never approach you at home without having informed you. “Always equipped with his” business card“, the electricity or gas expert is obliged to show it to you on simple request. And if you have the slightest doubt or fear of a scam, why notEDF antenna what do you depend on? They will be better able to tell you if this agent really exists in their file.

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Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/arnaque-un-couple-victime-dune-escroquerie-redoutable-par-des-faux-agents-edf/