“A difficult experience”: Clémentine Sarlat gives news of her two hospitalized little girls

Monday July 4, 2022, Clémentine Sarlat gave news of her two daughters, Jasmine and June, who had been hospitalized after contracting a strange virus.

Clementine Sarlat had worried his many subscribers Monday, June 27 on Instagram. The French sports journalist had explained that two of her three daughters were hospitalized. Indeed, she is the mother of three children, Ella (4 years old), Jasmine (1 year and a half) and June (4 months), born from her relationship with the former rugby player Clément Marienval.

In Instagram story, she had shared his concern with its 80,000 subscribers. “June is hospitalized. Jasmine is also hospitalized next to her sister. They have caught a virus that they are struggling to fight and it is hard for them and for us. They are very well taken care of, but it is a difficult and stressful experience, we are not going to lie to each other” she confided. The two girls had been hospitalized in children’s hospital from Bordeaux.

Clémentine Sarlat: “We have returned home”.

Monday July 4, Clémentine Sarlat finally announced good news on social media, her two youngest daughters were discharged from hospital. For the occasion, the journalist published a picture of his whole family. On the picture, the mother of the family stands alongside her companion. The couple are carrying their three daughters, Ella, Jasmine and June. All five are particularly smiling.

In the caption of her photo, the 34-year-old woman wanted to thank Bordeaux hospital for the good care of his daughters. “9 days later, we came home. Finally at 5. I already knew it, but after spending 9 days in the pediatric hospital, I can say it, we are lucky to have such an efficient care system (even if it deserves to be improved) and you caregivers, you tear” she said in the caption of her publication. Finally, Clémentine Sarlat addressed a special thought to all the parents of sick children. A beautiful message of support for the one who lived several days of anguish.