A divorce can be the beginning of a better stage and they prove it – Nueva Mujer

An divorce it is one of the most difficult stages to go through but it can also be one of the most liberating.

Some actresses have gone through the mourning of separation to be able to heal and get that life that so much yearn and they deserve.

They have given lessons maturity and empowerment, by proving that they have not needed a man to show that they are strong, warrior and independent women.

Actresses who grew stronger with him divorce

adamari lopez

The actress and presenter is one of the women of the television who inspire with their fortress.

ada got divorced from Luis Fonsi while she was going through breast cancer, to later face her separation with Tony Costa, the father of her daughter Alaia.

After announcing his break with the Spaniard, he has shown off his new and slender figure after lowering more than 10 kilograms and find yourself at your best as a woman and professional.

The most beloved shorty of Mexico She has dedicated herself to enjoying life with her little girl, with whom she travels to different countries and takes different walks, wasting complicity from mother and daughter.

Geraldine Bazan

After his controversial separation with Gabriel Sotoshe has dedicated herself to enjoying life with her daughters.

Although the diva has had some sporadic relationships, she has not limited her lifetime and much less conditioned their coexistence with their daughtersWell, on more than one occasion he has made it clear that his daughters are above any relationship.

Marlene Favela

to their 44 years Marlene shows off her beauty and statuesque figure. Although many might think that her life is perfect, the truth is that the actress faced a breakup with her daughter’s father a few months ago. Bella Seely Favela, businessman George Seeley.

Marlene He usually shows off his most tender moments with his daughter while focusing on his facet of businesswoman with his lipstick line.