A famous youtubeur and streamer dad for the first time: He reveals the photo of the baby

By Carla Biancarelli

– Published on 04 Jan 2023 at 18:42

This Tuesday, January 3, 2023, a YouTube and Twitch star has just announced that he is a dad for the first time. The adorable photo to discover here!

Pink notebook among the stars of the web! Recently, Carlito announced that his girlfriend Erika is expecting their third child. While the couple of content creators formed by Pidi and Valouzz will soon be parents for the first time. News that moved the young Michou, still in love with his darling, the dancer Elsa Bois. But this Tuesday, January 3, 2023, it was not a new pregnancy that was announced on social networks but… A birth! Indeed, one of the biggest French streamers has become a dad for the first time. This is Gotaga, whose real name is Corentin Houssein. Taulier on the Twitch platform, he is also known for his videos on YouTube. The young man is in a relationship with content creator and streamer Camille alias Camillou.

This YouTube star announces being a dad for the first time

This Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Gotaga surprised his fans by announcing incredible news for the start of the year. The couple have just become parents for the first time. “I have been a dad for a few days! Too happy, too happy, the fakear project is running, it’s going well and it’s too beautiful!!! This is a good year”, he wrote on his Twitter account. The young dad shared an adorable photo of him contemplating his newborn sleeping in his bassinet. A post liked by more than 270,000 Internet users in just 24 hours. For her part, Camille also reacted to her new motherhood. “Ptdrrrrrrr I’m daronne”, she wrote humorously. Before posting another message: “I suspected that the announcement was going to arouse reactions but I had underestimated this wave of love and kindness that we were going to take, thank you all! », she added. A pregnancy kept secret by the happy parents.

Gotaga’s Twitter

So, inevitably, on social networks, Internet users were thousands to react. “Wouaaa, but, it comes out of a sudden like that”, “the slap you just gave to all the guys who have been following you for 10 years”, we could read under the publication. For its part, Inoxtag commented on the happy event. “Putin I said I was sure of it sure I saw in your voice that you had become a man, you’re a daron mnt, I could keep your kid I’ll make a monster out of him trust me”he tweeted. ” UNBELIEVABLE!! CONGRATULATIONS BROTHERS »reacted Squeezie. “Well done my guy”added Mister V.

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