“A form of serenity”: why Omar Sy left France

Omar Sy continues the interviews for the promotion of his new film “Tirailleurs”. The actor, who was the guest of the show Seven to Eight last Sunday, confided in his life as an expatriate.

He was the guest of Audrey Crespo-Mara, this Sunday 1er January, for the portrait of the week. It is on set that Omar Sy confided in his life shared between France and America. He started a new life in California, more precisely in Los Angeles, with his wife and daughter, since 2012.

“I don’t know if it’s really an escape. What I went for there was a form of serenity, a form of stepping back”explains the actor. “The geographical distance allowed me to have a little distance with what was happening to me”he adds.

Omar Sy then looks back on his beginnings and the flight of his career thanks to the film Untouchables and the series Lupine. He admits having had trouble managing his notoriety, “especially vis-à-vis my children (…) we felt very good there”.

According to him, Americans have another relationship with notoriety. “They are less in the approach, they recognize a little from afar”, he points out. Some people recognize it all the same, but he says to himself “quieter“than on French soil.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-une-forme-de-serenite-pourquoi-omar-sy-a-quitte-la-france-1424550.aspx