A former member of Grupo Manía launches as a soloist | shows

After spending six years as a member of Grupo Manía, Rubiel Omar made the decision to continue her career as a solo singer.

The step is taken with the theme of its authorship, I do not come to shoot at anyone.

“My solo career is a dream come true. I understand that each artist or singer has the goal of having their own projects. I believe that any professional dreams of their own company, or their own goals and projects. On this occasion I have had the opportunity to have my solo career, where I can express my feelings embodied in positive lyrics, and carry a message that projects joy, union and that carries a message with meaning and reaches people. We are already saturated with lyrics of bad experiences that do not contribute anything to society. Now we need peace, joy… and that is what the purpose of my career is about and the issues that I want to bring,” Rubiel said in written statements.

I do not come to throw anyone, with a musical arrangement by Ringo Martínez, will be part of what will be Rubiel’s first solo record production, and which will be titled A new beginning.

The 11-track album will include 5 salsas, 5 merengues and a ballad.

As he explained, I do not come to throw anyone talks about how to face negative situations with a positive attitude, with love and patience, always reflecting and doing good.

“The choir was an inspiration when I observed so much tiraera within many exponents of the genre. And with the intention of promoting unity, and pushing the genre forward, that’s why this choir believes, I’m not here to shoot anyone,” he said.

Rubiel has just returned to the Island from his first promotional tour as a solo artist, which began in the cradle of merengue, the Dominican Republic.

The single is already available through all digital music platforms and soon the singer will be premiering the music video for his single on all his social networks.

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