A French influencer accused of defrauding millions of euros in Covid aid! Mind-blowing!

Paul Antony, nicknamed PA7, is a well-known influencer in the social media world. Today, we are talking about him for a much more serious subject. Indeed, he is allegedly guilty of a Covid aid scam while residing in Dubai with six other people. The young man would have embezzled millions of euros… Last Monday, he was before the Paris court to answer for his actions. We explain everything to you in detail!

An influencer who would have embezzled millions of euros thanks to Covid aid…

This is not the first case that we have expected on Covid aid scams since the health crisis, but this time the sum is colossal. Indeed, this influencer did not hesitate to show his luxurious life on social networks. Worse even, he showed his very simple technique to have millions of euros in his pocket. Simple, but legal? As you know, the Macron government has set up a solidarity fund for businesses throughout the health crisis. Not only did the 24-year-old embezzle nearly 7 million euros with state aid, but in addition, he gave his followers the benefit of the tip…

The influencer went through the falsification of documents

Indeed, Paul Antony made false documents and generated a dozen compensation claim forms. The President of the Republic launched the system of whatever it takes from the first wave in March 2020 to try to save the French economy. The influencer immediately spotted the right vein and lied about several things. First, he created unreal societies. Then he asked for state aid on the tax website with in addition exaggerated turnover figures supposedly based on the past year.

According to the investigations, the government gave the money to the companies without doing much verification. Thus, this allowed the influencer PA7, but also other companies, to collect millions of euros neither seen nor known. In addition, the young man did not stop there, because he even shared the “good tip” to all his subscribers. Namely, its community represents nearly 60,000 subscribers on social networks, which is far from negligible. The people in charge of the investigation learned that he had communicated the trick to scam the State on the messaging system. WhatsApp. Here is what he wrote to his subscribers, for example: “I have a family plan that’s crazy, reserved only for the elite of my clientele!!!! up to 300,000 euros in 27 days. »

He is part of serious crime

Investigators from the Central Office for the Suppression of Serious Financial Crime (OCRGDF) are responsible for this mind-blowing case. The latter discovered that nearly 657 individuals took advantage of this scam relayed by the influencer. This represents thousands of euros of loss for the State and therefore the French.

In addition to that, the influencer does not lack nerve. He has, in fact, taken a commission for each fake record. Indeed, he received 30 to 50% on each payment. Thus, he left quietly to settle in Dubai, but it was short-lived. Indeed, he was arrested and deported to France at the end of August 2021 in order to be tried in Paris.

In addition, this huge scam could never have been discovered. This is following a basic tax check on a young delivery man. He had received 16,000 euros from the solidarity fund. Therefore, the state treasury is now trying to find its little ones and is asking the people who defrauded to return the money. The influencer appeared in court on Monday, June 13, with six other people. The hearing still lasted four days. The verdict has not yet been given, but he faces up to ten years in prison.

Source- https://www.objeko.com/un-influenceur-francais-accuse-davoir-escroque-des-millions-deuros-des-aides-covid-hallucinant-1172515/