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Throughout 2022, Netflix released countless romantic movies that captured the hearts of viewers; among them, one of the most special is the tape A 20th century girl.

Directed by Bang Woo-rithe Korean production managed to captivate the world when it premiered in October with a plot that have everything a love story needs and more.

The film follows Bo-ra and Yeon-doo, two 17-year-old friends played by Kim Yoo-jung and Roh Yoon-seo; While, Byeon Woo-seok and Park Jung-woo They embody their love interests.

'A girl of the 20th century' is a moving journey of emotions

What is the film about A 20th century girl?

In the year 1999, the young students are forced to separate temporarily when Yeon-doo must go to the United States to receive a heart transplant.

For this reason, he asks Bo-ra to follow his crush, Baek Hyun-jin, and tell him by messenger everything about him. As a faithful friend, she complies and approaches her partner and her best friend, Poong Un-ho.

As you live with them, you begin to have feelings for a-ho; yet this infatuation will wreak havoc on her relationship with her friend when i finally come back.

Scenes from '20th century girl'

How it ends A 20th century girl (alert, spoilers)?

When Yeon-doo returns to South Korea, they discover that Bo-ra she confused her friend’s lover. And it is that she was not in love with hyun jinbut of a-ho and now they both love the same boy.

Because of this, the protagonist delete the last email that he wrote to his friend, where she narrated how in love she was with Un-hoo, from whom she also decides to get away forever.

However, Yeon-doo finds out and confronts her. telling him that he shouldn’t behave like his nurse. As if that were not enough, Un-hoo confesses to Bo-ra that He will go to New Zealand.

Finding the email that her friend had deleted, Yeon-doo decides to make amends and encourages her to go after the boy she loves before he left for another continent.

Scenes from '20th century girl'

After declaring his love, they both agree to talk to each other while they are apart. However, after years without receiving an answer, Bo-ra decides to move on and make her life without Un-hoo.

After all this adventure, we return to the opening scene of the film, where the heroine is invited to a photography exhibition. In said sample, there is a postcard dedicated to her.

After a few moments he finds out that the photos are of Un-hoo’s brother, who decided to dedicate his work to him, who died in his youth, which is why he stopped writing to Bo-ra.

Scenes from '20th century girl'

His brother confesses that Un-hoo had great love for her. Besides, he gets to see a tape to meet his 21st century self. Of course, all this stirs the heart of the heroine.

In the end, you never know what happened to Un-hoo and everything ends in the couple’s memories, showing us that real love transcends time and also death.

Scenes from '20th century girl'

Why A 20th century girl conquered everyone?

Although the story inspired by real eventsfollows the pattern of romantic comedies and does not explore anything new, without a doubt, it manages to do something different and memorable with the usual topics.

Also, due to its setting in the late 90s when the internet was just emerging, nostalgia invades any member of generation Y. Even those who are hard of heart.

Scenes from '20th century girl'

The plot is also a moving journey of emotions ranging from melancholy, through happiness with laughable situations to stress for not seeing that the heroes achieve their goal.

So it manages to evade the badly done clichés and, instead, gives us a heartfelt story about first love that speaks to the hearts of millennials and reminds them of that time at the end of the 20th century.