a judicial investigation opened after two rape complaints citing two famous candidates

Two young women filed a complaint against X for rape in 2018. According to them, they had spent an evening in Loir-et-Cher with the two reality TV stars, Ilan Castronovo and Julien Bert, before losing consciousness. A judicial inquiry has been opened in Blois.

Judicial information has been opened and entrusted to an investigating judge in Blois after two complaints against X for rape in 2018, in which the name of reality TV star Illan Castronovo appears, we learned Thursday from the attorney for the plaintiffs.

The two complaints against X with a civil action were filed by two young women, from Loir-et-Cher and aged 18 and 20 at the time of the facts, said Maître Arié Alimi.

Confirming having received the complaints, the public prosecutor of Blois Charlotte Beluet indicated that she had seized an investigating judge in her introductory indictment.

According to elements of the complaints consulted by AFP, the two young women were taking part in an evening in a nightclub in Fougères-sur-Bièvres (Loir-et-Cher), when they lost consciousness after drinking a drink offered by Ilan Castronovo.

Mysterious blackouts

The younger of the two women said she was awakened by the light of a phone pointed in her direction, held by another reality TV personality, Julien Bert. According to the complaint, she then had her pants down with her back to Ilan Castronovo, who also had his pants down.

The second young woman said she came down from the lodges of the establishment without any memory, after a moment with Julien Bert and Ilan Castronovo. Her body then bore numerous bruises and her sanitary tampon was missing.

“Sexual violence is fought simultaneously on the political, media and judicial fronts. The world of reality TV and influencers cannot escape it given its significant social resonance”, reacted Maître Arié Alimi, to AFP.

Ilan Castronovo has already been accused on several occasions, including of sexual assault and harassment, by at least five candidates for reality TV shows.

In Nice, a preliminary investigation was opened in December 2021 after the report of an ex-candidate who, according to his lawyer, accuses Illan Castronovo “of rape and sexual assault” on a third party.

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