A ladykiller! Son of Lucero reappears and falls in love with his attractiveness – Nueva Mujer

bright Star and Manuel Mijares They formed a beautiful family with their children. Lucero (17) and José Manuel (21) and despite the fact that their relationship as spouses did not work out, they maintain a good relationship with each other, giving maturity lessons.

Both continue to share as singers performing concerts and presentations together, in which his daughter usually appears Bright Star, who inherited his talent for singing.

Although his son Jose Manuel He also has a talent for music, he has decided to keep a profile completely removed from show business, which is why he has rarely been seen appearing and when he does, he surprises with his transformation.

A few months ago it could be seen in a virtual concert of his parents playing the guitar and appeared again leaving many in love with his physical attractiveness.

This is how handsome José Manuel Mijares looks

to their 21 years the eldest of the Mijares steals all eyes with the great physical resemblance that inherited from his parents.

And it is that despite the fact that he prefers to go unnoticed to the fame that his parents and his sister have, many predict a good future for him either as a musician or as a leading man in soap operas.

José Manuel Mijares inherited the beauty of his parents.

Recently, it could be seen in a video posted on Instagram by Paola Rojas accompanied by his family.

next to his mother, sister and grandmother Lucero León, was captured in an elevator of the compound where his parents appeared in a symphony concertwhere he took the opportunity to greet Internet users and fell in love with his smile.

Lucero and Manuel are very close with their children and make the most of the time they can spend together, since their firstborn are studying in USA, while they are engrossed in their tour ‘Until it was done to us.’

“José is already older. Note that he also has a very musical talent. He plays instruments very well and they bring it by ear, I would have wanted at their age (their children) to bring the talent that they bring…For now he is studying something else and see if, I don’t know, one day producers, arrangers or composers, or something like that”, commented Lucero on the program ‘De primera mano’.