a man sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison

One of three men charged in the rapper’s overdose death case has been sentenced to 10 years and 11 months in prison. The other two await their judgement.

Ryan Reavis, one of three men charged in the death of Mac Miller, was sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison Monday by a Los Angeles court. The 39-year-old was convicted of participating in the distribution of counterfeit pills containing the highly potent opioid fentanyl, which led to Mac Miller’s fatal overdose in 2018. The rapper was 26 .

According to ABC, which reports the information, Ryan Reavis had pleaded guilty to the charge of distributing fentanyl and admitted to having been aware that these oxycodeine pills contained this opioid. According to court documents cited by the American media, the sequence would have been as follows: Ryan Reavis would have acted as an intermediary between Stephen Walter, 49, who would have provided him with the counterfeit pills, and Cameron Pettit, 30 , who would have brought them to the rapper.

Stephen Walter has acknowledged his role and awaits sentencing. Cameron Pettit’s case is still under investigation, according to RollingStone.

“I feel terrible”

Shortly before his sentencing, Ryan Reavis spoke in court to express his remorse:

“Someone died, and a family will never get their son back. My family would be broken if it was me. They would never be okay again, they would never really recover. I think about it all the time . And I know that no matter what happens today, I’m the one who comes out lucky because my family is here, I’m here and I’ll be with them again. I feel terrible. It’s not me. My outlook has changed. My heart has changed.”

Mac Miller was found dead on September 7, 2018, at his home in Los Angeles. A few weeks later, his autopsy revealed that he had succumbed to a toxic mixture of drugs and alcohol, and that it was an accidental death. The artist spoke openly about his addiction problems.

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