A management company accused of having played a role in the guardianship of Britney Spears by the lawyer of the popstar

The management company Tri Star would have maintained financial ties with the father and ex-guardian of the singer, Jamie Spears, shortly before the placement under guardianship of his daughter.

Although she denies any involvement in the guardianship of Britney Spears, the ex-management company of the pop star, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, would be directly involved in this legal arrangement.

According to new court documents filed by Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, Tri Star allegedly had contact with the singer’s father and ex-guardian, Jamie Spears shortly before her daughter was placed under guardianship. The company would also have received profits on this legal decision.

Suspicious emails

Tri Star and its founder, Lou Taylor, served as Britney Spears’ managers from 2008 to 2020. The company was hired by the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, shortly before his daughter was placed in guardianship. The latter was the singer’s guardian for almost 13 years, before being suspended by a court in Los Angeles last September. The conservatorship then ended in November 2021.

In the past, Lou Taylor has repeatedly stated that he had no role with his company in this guardianship case. “False” statements according to Mathew Rosengart. The singer’s lawyer points in particular to several e-mails exchanged between Tri Star and the lawyers of Jamie Spears, a few weeks before the placement of Britney Spears under guardianship.

In these is mentioned a joint work between Jamie Spears and the management company: “We encountered a problem with [la] judge selection…the only judge who will be able to hear our case on Friday is the one who will not give Jamie the power to administer mind-altering drugs,” reads an email exchanged between a lawyer for Jamie Spears and Lou Taylor, reported by TMZ.

$18 million profit

Mathew Rosengart also specifies that Jamie Spears would have borrowed 40,000 dollars from Tri Star shortly before the placement of Britney under guardianship. According to the singer’s lawyer, the money came with strings attached: In exchange, Tri Star would have received a 5% share of everything Britney earned under guardianship, which is more than $18 million (that’s more than $17 million). euros).

This is not the first time that Mathew Rosengart has highlighted the suspicious links between Jamie Spears and the management company. To clarify the facts, he demands that Tri Star release all documents relating to his work with Jamie Spears. For the moment, the judge in charge of the case has not yet validated this request.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/une-societe-de-management-accusee-d-avoir-joue-un-role-dans-la-tutelle-de-britney-spears-par-l-avocat-de-la-popstar_AN-202207030115.html