A Mexican takes the place of the deceased Carlos Marín in Il Divo

The return of the tenor group Il Divo to Mexico after the death of one of its members resulted in an emotional concert in which a Mexican flag was raised among the public.

Urs, Sebastian and David performed at the National Auditorium as part of the tour in tribute to Carlos Marín, who died last December due to complications from coronavirus.

“At that time we were on tour and we didn’t know whether to stop the concerts or continue. We were very hurt by the death of Carlos, who was always the heart of this group,” Urs said in perfect Spanish.

Sebastian, who is French, recalled that it was thanks to Carlos that he was able to enter the group since he got him the audition.

David also fondly remembered Marín (who was Spanish) but noted that when they decided to resume the tour they also thought about what they should do to take his place.

“We thought about the possibility of staying alone as a trio. But then we realized that we needed that four member to honor the memory of our friend Carlos. So we decided to bring a new singer.”

That member is Steven LaBrie, an exceptional opera singer in the power of his voice. Although his name does not indicate it, Steven turned out to be Mexican.

“My parents are Mexican and so am I,” said LaBrie, who was born and raised in the United States but actually holds Mexican nationality.

When he mentioned it, a Mexican flag appeared in the audience and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Il Divo thus resumes the tour that was pending when Carlos Marín fell ill with Covid in England, just in the middle of his tour of that country.

His death was so surprising that his family had to do several procedures to be able to transfer his remains to Spain.