“A moron …”: Emmanuel Petit exasperated, he violently attacks a controversial star of the World Cup in Qatar

It’s a match that will take a long time to be digested by the supporters of the France team. On December 18, the Blues faced the Argentina team in the World Cup final in a match at the capital stake and finally won on penalties by the partners of Lionel Messi. After the match, the winners were particularly roomy against their opponents and one player in particular, Kylian Mbappé. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez did not hesitate to publicly mock the Paris Saint-Germain star, drawing the wrath of many French personalities, starting with the former world champion, Emmanuel Small.

Consultant specializing in football and regular speaker on the show Rothen ignites on RMC, the ex of Agathe de la Fontaine returned to the attitude which he considers deplorable of Emiliano Martinez and his terms are rather harsh. “When you’re dealing with a moron, you can’t ask him to think either”he lets go, before continuing, tempering his remarks: “I can understand that at the moment T, that you freak out emotionally, I experienced it. When you experience extraordinary things, emotionally, it’s very difficult to channel all that.”

It’s sharing and joy, we are far from the provocation and this gratuitous hatred that you distill

Emmanuel Petit therefore seeks despite everything to understand why Emiliano Martinez attacked Kylian Mbappé in this way, yet author of a hat-trick during this World Cup final. “Sometimes you can do things that may seem shocking to the people around you. Despite everything, when you leave the competition and return to your country, the emotion drops and another emotion comes . There, it’s sharing and joy, we are far from provocation and this gratuitous hatred that you distill”continues the one who rarely has his tongue in his pocket when he talks about football.

A new tackle therefore for Emiliano Martinez, already attacked by Adil Rami a few weeks ago. Faced with all this wave of criticism and animosity, the Argentine goalkeeper has also chosen to acquire a guard dog, which cost him a small fortune.

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