A movie prop named “Russian arm” renamed by its Ukrainian inventors

A device, used to film action scenes in the cinema and named so far “Russian arm” has been renamed by its inventors “U-Crane”.

A camera system on an articulated arm used in most action films and until then called “Russian arm” has been renamed by its Ukrainian inventors, in protest against the attack on Ukraine by Russia.

The new official name of this revolutionary machine, composed in particular of a crane stabilized by a gyroscope and which was awarded an Oscar in 2006, is now “U-Crane” (pronounced like Ukraine in English, “crane” meaning ” crane” in English), in homage to the country of origin of its designers.

This system is usually mounted on the roof of a car and allows very dynamic and 360-degree filming of car chases and other automobile collisions.

“Fast and Furious” and “Black Widow”

It is commonly used in action movies, like the franchise Fast and Furiousthe recent Black Widow and most feature films featuring Tom Cruise.

Although it was developed in the 1990s by kyiv-based Ukrainian company Filmotechnic, the contraption was referred to as a “Russian arm” in the film industry.

This is no longer the case. “The new official name of Filmotechnic’s world famous system is now U-CRANE, in honor of its country of origin and its heroic fight against Russian aggression”, indicated at the end of February the American subsidiary of this company on his Instagram account.

“The gyrostabilized crane system was designed and built in Ukraine by Filmotechnic and will continue to be built in Kyiv for years to come!” Adds the post, spotted Thursday by entertainment magazine Variety.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/cinema/un-accessoire-de-cinema-nomme-bras-russe-debaptise-par-ses-inventeurs-ukrainiens_AD-202203180254.html