a nod to Gossip Girl with her dress at the Met

    the spectacular 2-in-1 dress worn by Blake Lively on the red carpet of Met Gala 2022 that amazed us all still continues to give a lot to talk about nine days after her stellar step on the red carpet of the event that she herself co-chaired with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. She does nothing that she showed us the three heels that Christian Louboutin gave her to choose from and now, thanks to her interview with ‘Vogue’ we have been able to meet new information about styling.

    We already knew that Blake Lively’s Atelier Versace dress was inspired by the architecture of New York City, as the lines paid homage to the Empire State Building, the side draping was a Statue of Liberty hat tip, and the back of the dress featured the constellation ceiling of the Grand Central Station.

    This last place may be the one with the greatest sentimental significance for Blake, since winked at Serena Van der Woodsen, his iconic character in ‘Gossip Girls’. The reason? “Grand Central Station was like a really cool full circle moment because in the first shot of ‘Gossip Girl,’ I’m on a train and I walk into the station and it’s a shot of the station,” the actress revealed.

    blake lively in versace dress inspired by new york architecture and gossip girl at the met gala 2022

    Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

    “I think Versace thought I was crazy when I called them and proposed this to them,” Blake Lively said with a laugh as she explained her idea for this transformative dress, which started out copper-colored and then seemed to oxidize to a teal hue on the steps of the 2022 Met Gala. .“Instead of looking at Gilded Age fashion, I wanted to look at architecture,” Blake Lively said, referring to the fact that the indication of the ‘dress code’ of the MET Gala this 2022 should be based on the New York Golden Age, called ‘Gilded Age’.

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