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The best band in the worldby Anjel Landa and Juan Crisóstomo Amezaga, proposes a journey through the history of one of the bands punk most emblematic of Vizcaya, in which the experiences of a supposed fan arrived from Mexico, who travels to Spain to follow the footsteps of the group’s enigmatic leader, Iosu Expósito, are recounted.

Although it is a work of fiction, the plot is built from real documents and personal diaries of the creator of the band, to which the authors of the book had access.

Although Iosu’s death was somewhat premature, the Eskorbuto band was able to consolidate several hymns punk, like “Ma lot of police, little fun”, “Hsad story”, “Watch out” and the song that gives this book its name, “Lbest band in the world”.

Originally from Santurce, Eskorbuto were one of the most influential bands in their field, ever since they released their first full album in 1984.

The book is read with passion, enjoying a trip in two dimensions; the chronicle of the narrator, who is a journalist and on his journey he relives all the events in the first person, and the fantastic reverie that recovers the words of Iosu Expósito with his diaries and intimate thoughts.

In fact, it is said that even today thousands of young people from Latin America attribute the messages stored in the lyrics of Eskorbuto’s songs, since the lines of the book illustrate the society of those years and the struggle of young people in against the marginalization and degradation of the system.

The book focuses on the figure of Iosu, who is considered the soul of the band and whose memories the text is based on. For example, a resurrected Iosu is said to confess to the journalist about the heroine:

“Damn mistake. I only have the worst thorn, the one in which not wanting, I fell. I wasn’t strong enough to see it. Everyone told you how good it was. That helped you with everything. That you wouldn’t get hooked. But it was another form of marketing. You were poisoned inside. It has been a snake that dominates everything inside my body. He lived for it and for it. But I’ve gotten into this, I can’t blame the camel or my comrades.”

All of the above revolves around some of his well-known lyrics, in which phrases such as: “Stories of an unparalleled mind that shout with a great critical sense and whose fears time has given a true dimension” are said.

Although Eskorbuto’s career ended after the departure of its leader and then its bassist Jualma, the spirit and energy of the band is still present among its followers and also through publications like this one, which is distributed in Mexico by Resonancia Editorial.

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