a photo together in the middle of the rumors

    Many already consider Aitana the queen of Spanish pop and, as if her musical triumphs weren’t enough, she has now also swept as an actress in her first series. Although not only her successes have led the artist to be the target of all eyes, since her recent break with Miguel Bernardeau As soon as they released their series ‘La última’ together, they have grabbed headlines in all the national media. Several weeks ago the news came to light that Miguel and Aitana had broken up, but neither party has ruled on it. However, there are many theories that go around the Internet about the reasons for the end of their love story, but without a doubt, the one that sounds the most is that Aitana could be dating Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra. In fact, there is a thread on Twitter that talks about these rumors.

    Everything is, for now, speculation. What we do know is that Sebastián Yatra was present at Aitana’s last concert. Despite the fact that he did not go up to sing with her on stage any of the songs they have together, he was seen in the stands and at the after party. And now, Aitana and Sebastián have met again. This is how the Catalan has published it on her Instagram profile a few minutes ago:

    Aitana with Sebastian Yatra and more friends

    Aitana / Instagram

    A little later, Yatra shared the same photo on his account with Aitana and two friends more among which is the singer’s stylist, Jesús de Paula.

    Sebastián Yatra has not gone to Colombia this Christmas and has preferred to stay in Spain, which has caused Twitter to explode and the whole world to once again focus on the rumors that both singers could be dating. However, nothing can be confirmed. What is certain is that ever since Aitana Ocaña and Sebastián Yatra met, they have had always a beautiful friendship.