a preview of his new song, ‘Lie Like You Love Me’ – Diario La Página

Almost as if he knew that it only took a little time on one of his social networks for it to go viral and, later, to be able to delete it. The video is no longer on his TikTok account, where he has 28.5 million likes.followersbut it runs through social networks as a gift from the Three Wise Men that Rosalía has brought to her followers: a preview of how her next song will sound.

The 30-year-old Catalan singer is still in Japan on the romantic getaway she has shared with her boyfriend, also an artist Rauw Alejandro, and from there she has shared a video of barely 20 seconds on the aforementioned social network in which what is heard is heard which seems to be the chorus of his new song.

Some network users, in fact, have already rushed to ensure that this will be titledLie Like You Love Me[‘Miente como si me quisieras’, en su traducción al español]as it is the phrase that is repeated the most in the extract, or its acronym,LYLM.

In the video, the best-selling author is seen asbadly,get rid of,saokoeitherChicken Teriyakiand her partner, who is pedaling to keep moving forward, in a bird-shaped pink-roofed boat while they navigate a kind of lake, with Rosalía playing at hanging overboard.

this futuresinglecomes just a couple of weeks after the end of the tourMOTOMAMIand it has already gone viral in a matter of minutes, especially since the singer’s followers are convinced that it will not only be another hit for the artist but that she will premiere it in a short time, since her idea would be to perform it at the ceremony the Grammy Awards, on February 6.

In addition, and due to a leaked photograph whose authenticity has not been made clear, other fans consider that it could be Rosalía’s long-awaited collaboration with Miley Cyrus on the latter’s recently announced new album,Endless summer vacation.

a preview of his new song, ‘Lie Like You Love Me’ – Diario La Página