A serial killer uses dating apps to meet and kill his victims!

The dangers of online dating

This is a story that will not reassure your mother about online dating. Today’s young people are used to using its applications. While a few years ago, a certain veil of shame surrounded those who had found love through a dating site, it is commonplace today. In addition to well-known and paying sites (also considered serious) such as Meetic, there are now around ten applications designed to allow users to meet: Tinder, Badoo, Grindr, Happn, One, Bumble, Hornet, Fruitz

Worldwide, there are more than 5,000 dating sites and apps today. It is the most popular way to find love today. In 2020, 22% of newlyweds surveyed in a study said they met their partner online. They are 19% to have met it thanks to friends, and 17% thanks to work. On average, people under 30 spend ten hours a week chatting on these sites.

Interestingly, these apps are more successful with gay people than straight people. Indeed, they are more numerous in the LGBTQIA+ community to have found love (21% vs. 11% among respondents). But Bilbao’s gay men mostly escaped the worst, while others weren’t so lucky because a serial killer used Grindr to approach his victims and kill them.

A romantic encounter gone wrong

The Bilbao serial killer has been raging since last October. In the Spanish city, four men died in disturbing and similar circumstances. Some elements were shared by the Independent. We learn that the main suspect in this story mainly used the application Grindr to approach his victims. This application is very popular in the homosexual environment, it is downloaded millions of times in the world.

During the discussion, the suspect proposes an appointment and arranges for the meeting to take place at his future victim’s house. During the famous meeting, the suspect drugs his victim with liquid ecstasy which he dips into the glass. He is then free to do what he wants with his date’s body.

Thanks to this drug, he manages to obtain credit card codes and account numbers. He then makes large transfers in his name and withdraws cash from distributors.

Applications: the victims are 40-year-old men

Once the money is stolen, the killer does not let his victims recover, but kills them by asphyxiating them. A technique he decides to use so that no one suspects that it is an assassination. All of his victims have a similar profile: they are homosexual men living in Bilbao, aged around forty. He met them all on Grindr or Wapo, another dating app.

But if we can talk about this story today, it’s because his latest victim managed to escape in time, after being drugged. The man in question yelled to warn the neighbors last December. Grindr’s killer then decides to flee directly, for fear of being caught. But in a panic, he leaves behind his backpack. It is in this bag that the police find a canister of liquid ecstasy and begin to understand its modus operandi. Thanks to the testimony of his last victim, a man is quickly arrested.

Police currently have four alleged victims. Investigators are currently looking for hard evidence to confirm that the suspect in front of them is indeed the Bilbao serial killer. This sordid story is a reminder that internet dating can be dangerous and that even at home it is imperative to watch your drink. Whether you are a woman or a man.

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